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    2009 Fiesta Zetec Electrical Problem?

    Thanks for that Polly, will remember that for if it does it again! Do you know what causes the problem? Is it just the weather we have been having- ie snow etc causing possible damp wires? Thanks again Sam
  2. Samster12

    2009 Fiesta Zetec Electrical Problem?

    Hi Polly A couple of days after I wrote this post, my car wouldn't start- the battery had been drained. So I had to call the AA and they guy jump started me, so I could drive to a local garage. The garage wouldn't touch the electrics and said it would need to go to a main ford dealer, so I booked an appointment for the weekend. Ever since the AA man jump started the car, it has worked perfectly. All the problems have been sorted. I cancelled my appointment at the Ford Dealer as the problem was solved, and it has been fine ever since. I have no idea why this has resolved the problem at all! I can only assume the damp wiring has now dried out, or it was an electrical issue and jump starting it has reset the system?? Thanks Sam
  3. Samster12

    2009 Fiesta Zetec Electrical Problem?

    Thanks for your replies. Is it a big job to check the wiring behind the radio? I presume this involves taking out part of the dash? Would you be able to estimate roughly how much it would cost to be fixed? Thanks
  4. Hi This is my first post on here. I've got a 2009 fiesta zetec 1.25 and for the past week, every time I turn off the engine, the radio continues to play, and I can't turn it off by pressing the off button. I have to turn the ignition back on and turn it off, and then turn the ignition off. When I then go to get in the car the following morning, the time on the screen still says 18:04 for example, when it is 8am the following day. As soon as i turn the ignition, it updates to the correct time. Also, the ambient red glow around the radio buttons and keypad (I have the Bluetooth voice control if that makes a difference) stays on constantly, so I am worried it will drain the battery? Any thoughts would be very much appreciated! I'm thinking about booking it in to my nearest ford dealer as I thought it may need to be checked out by a main ford dealer as its electrical rather than local garage?unfortunately it has just run out of warranty (by a month). Thank you in advance, Sam
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