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  1. Yes have my own garage with all the tools in. Skills not to sure about that lol. But have a friend of mine who I share the garage with he's a very good mechanic. The garage we have has 4 rally cars in.
  2. I am asking to see if anybody has done something like this. And if somebody has (which I assume they have) if they could say what would be needed for this. I've read that the clocks from the st would be needed as these work with the Ecu and speedo. And before anybody starts saying just buy an st cos its cheaper. It wont be found an engine for £150 and gearbox for £100. Plus would need the rear axle and suspension off the st. Interior would be irrelavant as buckets and a roll age would be going into. Has anybody done this or know anybody who has?
  3. Thinking of doing the Same to my mk6 1.4. For a rally car got a cat c car cheap and thinking of conversion into st.
  4. Anybody know if an st150 or st170 engine will fit straight in to the 1.4 fiesta. Looking to change it to a rally car. The each and wiring loom will be needed also need to know if anything else will be needed. Thinking of putting in an aftermarket engine management in to it too. New to this forum and any help would be much appreciated Thanks Chris
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Ted236 :)