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  1. Car Wobble At 50 Mph Smooth At 65

    Balanced at sts and kwick git
  2. Car Wobble At 50 Mph Smooth At 65

    So is the only thing it can be is a balancing issue ? I have been told that the alloys could be faulty? It also feels like the peddles shake left To right at the same time
  3. Car Wobble At 50 Mph Smooth At 65

    Been done 2 times
  4. Car Wobble At 50 Mph Smooth At 65

    Tracking was fine - they did add some weights - I will try swapping - thanks
  5. Just had the tracking, wheel balanced, and. Replaced some tyres and I have still got a wobble - any surgestion please driving me mad (sorry bad pun)
  6. Engine Cover

    I have just purchased a 57 reg - 1.6 ghia focus and I'm wondering what engine it has as there is no engine cover - and where would I get one from? Sorry another newbie
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Wobbles101 :)

    1. Wobbles101


      Thank you - feels nice to be back in a ford