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  1. Happy Birthday Hedkandi86!

  2. Car Not Starting

    My car has started fine now, I think it's because I swapped the normal ceiling light to a hid light. The car started fine and the ring light was coming on fine and wasn't locking by itself
  3. Car Not Starting

    And now my car keeps locking itself randomly
  4. Car Not Starting

    Helpppp! I wanted to add footwell lights to the front of my car, so I bought all the stuff I required. I've just got the ignition ring light, so I Thought ill test it through the ceiling light, so connected it up by swapping the wires around. As soon as I connected it my car doors locked by it self. Then I went to try it and the ring light stayed lit regardless of me turning the car on, so went to start my engine an now my engine keeps cutting out. All the electrics come on but the car won't start.
  5. Footwell Lighting

    Alright, I'm new to is forum. I want to have front footwell lights installed in my car, I have checked the forums regarding footwell lights but can't seem to find anyone with a '08 ford fiesta (bubble shape) that hasn't got front footwell lights? I already have the ambient lighting when unlocking (etc) the car, and was wondering if they can be fitted and how I would go about connecting the right wires up. I haven't checked if I have any bulb socket holders in the front due to time of day. Thanks
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Hedkandi86 :)