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  1. Lifting Jack Kit For An S Max?? Help!

    Cheers fella - the bottle jack looks great but I think it would destroy my seals. I guess I need a jack with the groove along the top; I'll check out the Galaxy/ Sharan ones like you suggest. Many thanks. N
  2. Hi all, I'm quite new to the Ford Forum; recently bought an S Max with 18" Titanium alloys when my Sharan got stolen. Love the car but hate the lack of spare so I bought a 16" Ford steel wheel off of eBay with a high profile tyre as a spare. However I don't own a lifting jack (all my tools got nicked too) and no-one in the S Max section could help me with which one to get which might fit. Does anyone know what's best to buy? Mondeo? Galaxy? I want to keep it with the car so a trolley jack isn't ideal. The seals appear to be the vertical pressed style with no flat lifting areas. Anyone know? Many thanks in advance guys. Nick
  3. Which Jack Kit For The S Max

    No worries. Any idea on the jack?!!
  4. Which Jack Kit For The S Max

    This is the link: http://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_smaxgalaxy_16_steel_wheel_f_1385587_c_528.htm I'm not disputing what you're saying about it being wrong - I don't know which is why I've been trying to get some info. However if they are wrong why are they selling them? There are plenty of S Max with these wheels on - as standard.
  5. Which Jack Kit For The S Max

    Ok - thanks for this. Any chance you could tell me what the right wheel is? It seems like nobody knows the answer to that - this wheel was originally bought from Ford spares (and they're still selling them online) What did you buy for yours?
  6. Which Jack Kit For The S Max

    There's a standard 16'' steel wheel which should fit; I've got 18'' titaniums on mine but changing the tyre profile on the steel wheel to match up should work out. I hope!
  7. Which Jack Kit For The S Max

    Hi fellas, Got myself a steel spare on the way for the S Max but does anyone know which jack kit best fits; Mondeo or Transit? I know about VW and Audi but being new to Ford I don't know whether wheel braces and jacking points are universal. Can anyone best advise me? Cheers!
  8. S Max - Spacesaver To Fit 18" Titanium Alloys

    You're a top man - thanks. N
  9. S Max - Spacesaver To Fit 18" Titanium Alloys

    Cheers fella - would this be ok with 18" wheels though? I though maybe a 17" wheel with a high profile tyre might do the job?
  10. Hi all, I'm a newbie with a recently purchased 2.0 TDci S Max with 18" Titanium alloys. Great car but I hate the lack of spare wheel, like most of us. Has anyone found an official or generic spare saver which will fit? Got a slow puncture; the alloy rim needs re-finishing/lacquering; right now I can't take it off - nothing to hold that corner up!! Any good advise (with a link??) to a shop/site which sell something useable would be much appreciated. Cheers! Nick
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums Nickytwister :)