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  1. Happy Birthday Ladyowner!

  2. Fiesta Metal Modification

    Hi all, this is a question for all the technical ones! I have the 134ps fiesta metal and I'd like to gradually get it as fast as possible. I was considering the mountune upgrade to 155ps which I know is quite expensive. Most have said that I might as well by the new ST but that's a bit out of my price range. Few questions... 1. If the ST isn't really affordable for me at the moment is it worth paying out for the 155ps mountune upgrade or try save up for the new ST bearing in mind my car is on finance/loan so it will give me quite a wack if i change it within the next few years! 2. Does anyone know how far I could modify the car in terms of speed and whether its ridiculously expensive? 3. If I do get mountune and then follow on to upgrade the car further would it then make the mountune pointless having and spending out on? Any other suggestions or comments would be helpful. I know roughly what I want but no idea how to get it or if its possible. Sorry for the essay but I don't want to do things and then find out it wasn't worth it or that I've gone about it completely wrong! Thanks in advance guys.
  3. Fiesta Metal

    Yea im the same. Absolutely love it
  4. Fiesta Metal

    Well I am pleased to announce that as of Friday just gone I am the proud owner of a black fiesta metal :D
  5. Fiesta Metal

    Yea I saw that too that's why I checked it out with my insurers because I really wanted it the car and wanted to here it from the insurers for an exact amount. So looking forward to it!
  6. Fiesta Metal

    Well I checked with my insurers with the exact reg of my new car and it was a massive amount of £19.11 including my £17.50 admin charge lol so i already have that covered
  7. Fiesta Metal

    Thanks im sure l will. I will probably get in sometime next week so im getting excited now! I've become quite attached to the black now but I am aware of the dirt and being a horse owner its certainly going to be fun for me to keep clean!
  8. Fiesta Metal

    That doesn't sound too bad then
  9. Fiesta Metal

    That doesn't sound too bad. Around town? I've only had my diesel just under a year but I figured if I can't do anything to it I might as well cut my losses and buy a metal in terms of performance and extra toys
  10. Think I've become slightly obsessed with getting a fiesta metal!

  11. Fiesta Metal

    Im impressed with how economic they are considering what they are actually, I'm guessing they're not too expensive to run from what you guys have said?
  12. Fiesta Metal

    So do you metal owners think they're worth paying the extra for?
  13. Fiesta Metal

    Actually one quick question. Am I right in thinking leather seats with front ones heated, alloy pedals, voice command, black alloys and usb and bt are all standard or are any of them extras?
  14. Fiesta Metal

    Na im not a big fan of silver cars. I've opted for the black. You guys have been a great help in my decision with the confirmation of the performance without a ridiculous amount of fuel consumption that isn't justified and with the colours. Mine doesn't turn up until march so unless there's anything wrong with it I will be a proud owner then :)
  15. Fiesta Metal

    Hmmm so the general thought is white?