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  1. Tdci Air In Fuel System

    Hi Tom, Thanks again for your reply :) Yes when I squeeze the bulb there is air bubbles in the cear hoses at the back of the engine. I feel better that at least your bill was only £120, it gives me hope. How long did you leave it before you had it repaired? Thank you very much. Matt
  2. Tdci Air In Fuel System

    Hi, Thank you very much for your response. I did replace the injector seals about 2 years ago, I remember they were making a 'tapping' noise - I think it cost me £350 at ford to replace all the seals + pipes (I think). This time around I haven't heard a similar tapping noise, I think this leaves the fuel lines on the injector rail (whatever this means). Is this an expensive repair? asuuming this is falut. Thanks again Matt
  3. Tdci Air In Fuel System

    Hi, Today I couldn't start my car a 2005 TDci Fiesta. The engine initially started then died. I phoned the RAC out, he showed me that the fuel pipe going into the engine was empty, he then primed fuel in and the car started, although it ran (very) rough for a while. By prime the fuel in, I mean near to the fuel pipe going into the engine there is what looks like a rubber small pump/squeeze/stress ball (not sure of its correct name?), repeatly squeezing this fills the pipe with fuel. After I stopped the car (2 hours later after driving around) I had the same problem again with air in the pipe again. Is this a known problem? an expensive fix? Any help is greatly welcome. Matt
  4. Ford Fiesta rear suspension

    Hi, I have a 2005 Ford Fiesta, I noticed recently that when I have passengers in the back the rear suspension squeaks when going over (slowly) speed ramps, but it doesn’t if there are no passengers in the back, is this normal? Thank you in advance Best Matt
  5. Ford Fiesta 55 plate head bulb renewal

    Hi, I got the lights changed; however i had to take the whole light units out completely. I tried your suggestion, however I couldn't remove the reservoirs after taking the bolts out, the bigger coolant reservoir pipe would not budge (you must have more nibble hands then me). I got the light units out without removing the bumpers by pulling back the bumper clips and gently lifting the light units out (a bit awkward) - each light unit has 3screws. I could supply pictures if anyone has the same issue. Best Matt
  6. Hi Folks I had an accident the other day in the snow; I skidded into a curb and buckled the front wheel, looking at this positivity it could have been worse :P While buying the replacement wheel I got talking to the service department guy, we got talking about general maximum mileage of Ford Fiestas, and he seemed to think a TDCI engine in a Fiesta would only do about 120k, he blamed fuel injectors as been a common problem when the engines reach 120/130k. To me this doesn't seem like much for a diesel? How many miles has your car done? Do you think his view is accurate? I was hoping for something more like 200k... Best Matt
  7. Ford Fiesta 55 plate head bulb renewal

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. OK that sounds much better then what I was trying to do - still hard work though, but much better then paying a dealership to do the work. Thank you. Matt
  8. Hello, I have a 2005 Ford Fiesta 55 plate, the driver’s side headlight bulb has gone. I have a Haynes manual but this covers 02 to 54 plates (not 55 plate) 55 plate is slightly different - manual does not work as front bumper plastic stops headlight sliding out once the three headlight screws have been removed. It seems like I would need to take off or partly remove the front bumper... this seem like hard work for changing a bulb :( Any ideas on removing front bumper.. I must be missing something... any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Best Matt
  9. 2005 Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCI

    Hello Everyone, I'm a newbi to Ford, this is the first Ford that I have ever owned, I brought it from the Carshop, it was an ex-lease car, so it didn't have a manual etc its got 50k on the clock and just had a service. Just a few questions, i) On the dashbard where the mileage indicater is (very cool that is shows you how many miles are left) what does the number under this mean or relate to? (under miles left). Seconly when starting up in the cold, I turn the key and its takes about 2 seconds to start, is this normal? after its warms up it start up instantly. Thank you in advance for you help. Kind Regards Matt
  10. Hello

    Hello All, I have just purchaed a 2005 (55 plate) black Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCI 50k (was a lease car before), I really love the car. I had a Fiat Scientio before :o - Fix it again tomorrow - the Fiesta is fantasic, esspeicaly compared to my old Fiat! I am joining because its alway helpful to have knowledgeable people around when there are problems (something I had a lot in the Fiat). More importantly its great to meet new people. :P Best Matt