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  1. Hi, I read in a turbo failure thread that you work for Citroen.... I don't suppose you know if the focus 110 tdci engine will fit in a 07 fiesta tdci do you? My fiesta's turbo has blown and I have a cracked head....

    I do have a salvage focus (with no roof/pillars) that I stripped for parts for a friend and I still have it in the yard only 77k on the clock and has fsh so was wondering if I can just take it out and swap engines or is it not gonna be that simple....

    Any advice would be great, cheers mate 

  2. I would recommend changing it if you can of don't mind paying to get it done.... My wife's car is a 56 reg 1.6 tdci and has just done 75k and the oil a day filter have been changed every 5k from new..... But recently has developed a whistle on boost..... I'm not too worried at the moment as I've checked the turbo and it has the correct amount of play on the turbine..... I can find no leaks from pipes but have noticed a slight leak from the top of the cam cover when boosting..... You can feel the air pushing out of the end..... Not sure why as I've never come across this with Citroen... Even my local ford dealer where stumped when I asked them lol. Car still runs like a dream with no power loss or smoke so at some point I will get hold of a new cam cover and try it.
  3. Dreadz Having been a Senior workshop technician for 2 Citroen workshops I can assure you they do not recommend changing the banjo bolt at all...... Unless your having a new turbo......Then 1/2 the time they don't bother to the frustration of the technicians.... To be honest PSA have tried to sweep this fault under the carpet on all cars out of warranty. They simply are not interested..... I worked in one dealer where a customer had a C4 1.6 hdi with the usual turbo failure at approx 50k.... The old customer was given a price to replace the engine or to strip down the old one and clean out as much as possible + new turbo.... He was talked in to trading it in against a C4 Picasso which was far to big for him to drive in my opinion....... His old car simply had a recon turbo fitted and an oil change and that was all..... Within 3 days it was on the forecourt for sale at twice the price he was given as a trade in..... Ironically his C4 Picasso had a nice whistle on boost even before he took delivery of it..... He did ask but was told by the service manager it was perfectly normal for that model...... Even though it was the same engine and turbo as his old C4 car.
  4. 1.6 Tdci Turbo Whistle

    Any input
  5. 1.6 Tdci Turbo Whistle

    Hey guys Just want to pick your brains and get some opinions. My 56reg 1.6 tdci has today developed a whistle while on boost or coming off boost...... No power loss and still goes really well. Just a !Removed! annoying light whistle. I know these cars suffer from turbo issues and oil starvation for the turbos but anyone else had this problem..... Where there's just a noise.
  6. What Is This??

    No worries..... If you have any problems pm me and I will help where I can B) B) :D
  7. What Is This??

    To be honest you can reuse the injector pipe..... It's good practise to replace the pipe after its been undone but I have reused them to save customers money in the past and also when the parts department forget to order them in..... There are so many horror stories about injector seals on the Internet so take most of them with a pinch of salt...... Sort out the injector seals and regular oil changes and you should be fine.
  8. Oil Leak Around Injectors

    Looks like either injector seals or the top cam cover seal has failed..... I would do the top cover 1st and clean up the mess then check it after a few miles.....
  9. What Is This??

    That is carbon build up from a leaking injector seal....... It needs to.be sorted as it can cause all.sorts of problems if you just leave it. If you have the engine running you will be able to smell exhaust fumes from it...... If you leave it too long you will have issues removing the injector to repair it...... I've done loads of these in the past and it's a little involved to sort out. Best tips I can give you is to back off the 2 Allen bolts that secure it in the head and then give the car a good drive up the road to get it really hot...... And hat way the carbon will go sticky and loosen up enough for you to remove the injector....... When it's out you need to clean the hole the injector came out of and take care not to loose too much dirt down in to the head of the engine...... Also make sure you have the copper washer off the bottom of the injector out of the head. There are 3 new bits you need 1x copper washer 1x plastic spacer / coller 1x rubber oil seal These are cheap enough to do but I normally do all 4 injectors in 1 go..... Also you will need to clean up the body of the injector so it's spotless......Take care around the injector tip as it is easily damaged..... And then give it a good coating in copper grease to stop it from seizing in the head and making it much easier if you ever need remove them again. And when you fire the engine up after doing this you will find it will misfire / clatter and splutter smoke for a few seconds...... That is normal..... If it continues to splutter and clatter double check your work and make sure everything is connected correctly.... :D Just a quick sub note.... You won't have the Allen bolts on this engine you should have a clamp which holds the injector in but everything else is like I 1st said...... Not a bad job to do but you do really need to do it.
  10. 55 Focus 1.6 Tdci Egr Blanking Success

    I did exactly the same on Sunday with mine and have to agree with your comments..... Easy to do and instant results :)
  11. Clutch Pedal Only Came Up Half Way

    Possible start of the DMF failing...... Can cause all sorts of odd sensations and noises.... And if it's throwing itself out of sync it could cause your clutch problems..... Or even the clutch release bearing failing on the car
  12. Long Term Effects Of Egr Blanking.....

    Or save a load of hassle and by the blanking plate from Ebay for £4.50 with free p+p then do the above and just back the egr bolts off and you slip the plate in without taking the egr valve off..... Nice and easy :)
  13. Long Term Effects Of Egr Blanking.....

    Hey Jeff..... Mine hasn't got a flatspot that I had noticed to be honest I will check it out next time I'm out in it. And yep I will take the manifold off at some point just to clean out the carbon..... But I will be using the company steam cleaner and then leaving it to dry out for a day or so..... I've done a few at work and most chemical cleaners seem to shift it but you can normally scrape out loads with a flat blade screwdriver.... You just need to be careful when doing so.... Also if your doing your manifold you will need to remove your injector fuel pipes as they run across the top of the manifold..... These should really be replaced as they arenonly meant to be used once..... But if your careful you can get away with using them again. If you want a hand when you do it give me a yell..... Carlos...... -20 yep you need all the heat you can get mate lol...... I think I would be looming to make a heated steering wheel and foot pedals lol
  14. Long Term Effects Of Egr Blanking.....

    Ok so today I fitted my blanking plate..... Like Jeff said move the fuel filter and mount out the way and it's easy.... Under 30mins in total to fit... On start up all ok so I left her to idle for a while..... No problems so off for a.20 mile road test with my Solus diagnostic system in the boot just in case..... Car feels smoother on acceleration..... I'm sure it is lol and no warning lights on at all so far. And it hasn't made the slightest difference to the heater in my car..... Lovely and toasty still lol. I will keep on using it and report back with any issues but so far I'm well happy with it
  15. Long Term Effects Of Egr Blanking.....

    Excellent...... I have a 1.6 with dpf..... Theres not a lot I haven't done on these engines but it's really the 1st experience of blanking off the egr..... Like I said I'm hoping to get mine done tomorrow..... If not Sunday. Glad yours is going well and as soon as mine is done i will post up my results lol.