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  1. Mk2 (07 plate) 100K 1.8 TDCi My wife was driving my car when suddenly the temp gauge hit the red and the displayed referred to overheating plus usual selection of dash lights. She stopped and waited until we arrived. We added more water and noted it appeared to be leaking out even as we were filling it up. The leak appears to be on the drivers side and is being splashed around by the pulley system so it is very hard to see where the leak is from the top as you get a face full of spray. This happens when the car is cold or hot and looks like it is well beyond my fixing capability on the drive. I don't think it is the thermostat housing as I read that this is normally more obvious an issue when the engine is hot but I could have misunderstood. Seems more like the coolant pump or something in that area? Is this a common issue? This did not seem to be in the common issues thread but then I might have missed it as I was running through it. I am after some ideas as to what it is likely to be so that when the garage come back with their assessment I am at least semi informed.
  2. I have to say that since they sorted out the seals on the fuel filter it has been fine. I left it for 3 days facing up hill on the drive and it started even on a very cold and frosty morning without any problem. There definitely appears to be a fuel filter/fuel system standard issue with the 1.8 TDCi. I would not say that a local garage is any worse than a main dealer as the main dealer changed the instrument panel on mine before they fixed the real issue with the fuel system having a small leak of air into the system so they clearly were in the dark too. I have read other forums where the fuel filter was the cause of similar problems so it does not seem that uncommon and it was the first suggestion made above too ...
  3. Well after returning it to the garage and it being sent back to the Ford Main Dealer again, they have now "found a 2nd fault" (I admit to being sceptical as the symptoms were identical and this turned out to be similar to the issue the AA man said it was). According to the dealer, the AA man damaged the seals on the fuel filter when he was trying to prime the system and so air was getting in thus draining the fuel lines. (Does the pump not self prime afterwards?) I was also told that the "road side diagnostic tools" would not have picked up the fault code from the immobiliser so that (AHEM!) "still needed to be changed" ... They have now "changed the seals" and are checking it starts reliably. The true test will be when it is back on my drive.
  4. I recently bought a Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI Sport S (2007/07) after many happy years of driving a 1.8 TDDI Ghia until the fuel pump ECU failed. Anyway, 2 weeks ago I got into the car and it started, sounded "lumpy" then stalled and then refused to start. It turned over but would not start and the lights came on etc (lots of stuff that flattened the battery) and then a "Engine Systems Fault" message appeared along with a red light on the right of the display. I called the AA and they got it to start by forcing fuel through but it would not keep running and there were no error codes stored. Some more trying and the diagnostics then said "low fuel pressure". I then got towed to the garage where I bought it who then apparently took it to the local Ford dealership who got it running and said it was the immobiliser. Specifically that it was the key pick up at fault and I needed a new instrument unit. Being as I really had no choice I agreed and had it replaced and it took 2 weeks to get this sorted. I got it back yesterday and was assured that the fault was fixed and it was definitely going to be OK. I took it for a spin and noticed that the acceleration was different, it was much quicker and less lagged. Not having had this model before I did not really notice there was anything wrong but the comparison tells me that there was. Having read other posts on "Engine System Faults" this seems to imply there was potentially an underlying fault when I got it. So I got in it tonight (not having used it today) to go and get some fuel but guess what? ... you guessed it ... same fault!! Has anyone got any ideas? I am only glad I was at home when it went wrong!! Another point is that the car is parked on the drive with the engine "up hill" from the tank. The AA man said that their is a fault on Transit Vans where a small pin hole appears in the fuel pipe that feeds the fuel pump from the filter and so syphons out the fuel from the filter back into the tank. Anyone come across this before? Not sure why this would cause "Engine Systems Fault" unless it was too clever for its own good!! Any thoughts?