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  1. Wiring Loom

    Hi there, The problem was found and fixed this Tuesday gone. My dad had an auto-mechanic electrician friend, who also couldn't find the problem. Anyway, after thinking and thinking, we went back to how it first started - with the bonnet catch being released and shutting off the engine. After searching for a while, we found that the cables which run under the plastic along the passenger side of the door had slowly dropped, and ONE of these wires in the entire bunch and slowly severed through opening of the bonnet (Which is quite a force) The guy soldered the cables back together, and hey presto, everything is fine again.
  2. Wiring Loom

    Yes the RAC guy did check all the fuses with a tool, and he also swapped the relays. When I say no IGN, I mean completely dead. Key goes into the ignition, absolutely nothing. No fire up, no turn over. I think the guy said that it maybe something to do with the module, which is going to be quite annoying to get fixed, as replacing the module means re-programing the engine and its computer or something like that.
  3. Wiring Loom

    Dad has a mate who can have a look if needed anyway. Thanks for your help Clive. Much appreciated.
  4. Wiring Loom

    Hi, thanks for the response. The bonnet catch is located near the fuse board, but not in a position where it is likely to literally break or damage any wiring. The internal fuseboard is mounted behind the glove box, which is probably around 20cm from the catch. Each fuse was checked and there was no fault found with any of them at all. My dad is going to have a proper look in the morning, just thought I'd try and get some tips or advice. RAC guy seemed quite experienced, and we agreed that these are such reliable cars, so the problem is rare. He also got into contact with a few friends who were also confused to what may have happened.
  5. Wiring Loom

    Hi, I have a 54 plate Fiesta Flame, I had my engine running while stationary today, and I pulled the bonnet catch to jump start my friends car. As soon as I pulled the catch, my engine cut out, and will not start again. The ignition does NOT come on, however there is still power to the lights, ect. RAC mechanic came out, checked the fuses, swapped the relays, checked the ECU, no fault. Says it has something to do with the wiring loom. Is there a specific part of the wiring that could have given way / corroded?
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