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  1. Putting Fuel In

    Found it, mine is black too :)
  2. Putting Fuel In

    Yeah its capless...Is it the one that looks like a funnel? Sorry I'm not very good with cars! Lol
  3. Putting Fuel In

    Hey people, My fiesta mk7 ran out of petrol, and I've bought some petrol in the can with the nozzle but obviously the tank won't open as its opens automatically at the fuel station, it there any way around this? I don't fancy pushing it all the way there! Much appreciated
  4. Flat Tire, Can't Find Key.

    Lol....clever ;) . I'm going to see if a garage will take them off for me.. Still have a flat tyre and no key for the wheel nut. Lol
  5. Flat Tire, Can't Find Key.

    If only I was good at using tools. I'd have no clue where to begin lol...I'm going to try a garage and see if they'll take it off and put a normal wheel nut on for now
  6. Flat Tire, Can't Find Key.

    I've tried kwikfit, they said they can't do anything without that key. :( Thanks for your help btw
  7. Flat Tire, Can't Find Key.

    Yeah, I meant the key that removes the wheel nut. Can't get the 4th one off without a key.
  8. Flat Tire, Can't Find Key.

    Yeah, it's not there unfortunately.
  9. Hey, I've got a flat tire, and I've searched everywhere for the key inside the car to remove the wheel. It's not in there. What are my options. I reckon I'd have to go to the dealers, but it'll be pretty expensive. Any ideas?? Thanks!!
  10. Help! Vin

    Thanks I've found the slot. Thanks everyone
  11. Help! Vin

    Is it under the passenger carpet? And also I thought it would be on the dashboard? So it's on the actual windscreen instead? Tanks for the help
  12. Help! Vin

    Hi everyone! Basically just bought a 2010 ford fiesta mk8 but I'm now slightly worried as it hasn't got a vin number on the dashboard? Is this normal for a fiesta? Please help. Thank you
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums Newbie2013 :)