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  1. Macman24

    Focus St

    Try Greenlight, Sky Insurance and Adrian Flux, i used all three during my ownership of an ST3 and i wasnt much older than you when i got it, plus i had remapped it to 285 Bhp with a dreamscience and they covered me for a little over £1300
  2. Macman24

    Orange Warning Light (Tire)

    I would never turn traction contol off its a very important safety mechanism, is should have only come on when the tyres actually slipped if its stayed on something is wrong Was this the image? (not the same colour as this has been modded to blue)
  3. Macman24

    Orange Warning Light (Tire)

    Its the traction control button and warning, just means the front tyres slipped slightly
  4. after reading this i dont feel so bad and think i must be doing something right with my car 2.5 st 298 to empty
  5. Macman24

    Focus Mpg.

    Barely get 22mpg in my ST, not much motorway driving though
  6. Macman24

    Fiesta - Screen Wash Smells Like Rotten Eggs!

    Hi mate, had this on my focus, bought myself some of theses Milton Sterilising Tablets Worked a treat as they kill all know bacteria
  7. Macman24

    Glovebox Fuse Diagram

    My manual says its in position 22 and a 20amp fuse but there is currently no fuse in that gap, the info i got was from this page http://www.fordowner...accessory-fuse/ Like with the above thread my fuses dont tie up to my manual, Maybe i should by a blade fuse (does the fiesta use the Mini fuses or normal blade fuses) and try sticking one in slot 22 Edit, So i have found a diagram that is the same as my fuse box (ignore the green highlighted section) i belive the type of fuse i need is the ones along the bottom in position 25 to 33, can someone confirm if their fiesta has a 20 amp (blue) jcase cartridge fuse in position 30 or a 20 amp blade fuse in 22 as i have neither. Thanks
  8. Macman24

    Glovebox Fuse Diagram

    Hi All Newbie here so please be kind!! Just purchased a MK7 Fiesta, 2009 and i cannot for the life of me find a fuse box diagram for the glovebox. The cigerrette lighter socket is not working so i was going to change the fuse to see if this was the problem. I found a thread on here that says that the haynes manuel and owners hand book is incorrect and the fuse needed is in posision 30 and a 20amp jcase fuse is needed. All the diagrams i find online do not resemble the fuse box behind my glovebox, and i was expecting a cover on it with the diagram on the back If anyone could help i would be very greatful. Thanks
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Macman24 :)