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  1. Fitting Ashtray Housing Into Mk2 Focus

    Brilliant guide Stoney. Many thanks as I need to fit one of these. Cheers mate!
  2. Replacement Key Fobs

    Thanks for the info, my fob is on the way out and the flip looks the way to go! Hat doffed to you for the info. :) fastmedic
  3. What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    I'm an consultant anaesthetist working for a private company. Trying to keep patients asleep and hopefully read the paper at the same time!
  4. Pollen Filter.

    Mike, Rule of thumb in my opinion is that it will always rain when you have just polished your pride and joy. British weather is never a surprise! Fastmedic
  5. Pollen Filter.

    Mike, It is a pain of a task, I almost lost the will to live many times! Sounds like you are on a maintenance roll mate! Fastmedic
  6. Pollen Filter.

    I just followed the above instructions to the letter and an hour later had the filter in. Hell of a difference to the A/C and cabin heating in general :) My ex plod Focus had not had the filter changed since coming into service in 2007!! Many thanks for the sound advice :D Fastmedic
  7. Police Specification Focus

    Dear all, It appears I have now inherited the Focus as my other half has taken a liking to my Golf Well, it is a decent motor and enjoyable to drive, so open roads and less traffic is ahead for me. I would say that the ex plod motors are somewhat of a choice for the individual. Some, as has been pointed out are less than well driven. Others are very well looked after and require little, if any TLC. Matter of personal choice really as to whether you want to flip for one. Toodle Pip Fastmedic
  8. Police Specification Focus

    Lights are usually not left in, however the wiring is, therefore it would be possible to fit strobes again. Most of the decommissioned process is just to let the vehicle be released as a non-workable police style vehicle. I would imagine basic electricical DIY would get them working in a flash!! <_< Fastmedic
  9. Police Specification Focus

    That is a fair one, I have never had a major issue. I feel personally that most people might not know what to look for specificially in an ex police vehicle. Subtle signs for the experienced eye. However my work vehicle, Golf GTD has emergency equipment fitted to it and does make a statement to others. Us medics have a little of the glam now and again! :) Fastmedic
  10. Police Specification Focus

    Well, The price I paid for the 56 (2007)Focus LX 1.8 TDCI was £3000. A six month warranty, six months road tax and a full service history. Serviced again just before decommissioning as well. My BMW 2006 (56)530 TDI was an SE spec with full service history and comfort pack. £6999 and a bargain! Average price is approx 30% below all othersa in my humble opinion. Most people are swayed due to the supposed bad reputation plod vehicles have. Admittedly, some are thrashed. Mainly the beat cars will need a bit of TLC, however are mechanically sound. Hope this helps Fastmedic
  11. Police Specification Focus

    A lot of the ex plod cars are not high mileage. My Volvo was a spritely 44k on the clock and the BMW was 59k on decommissioning. And little if any internal damage to the dash. the BMW's always have the CD player intact, as do the Skoda vehicles. My Focus still had the CD in situ as it was CID. They are a cheap option and worth a look in my humble opinion.
  12. How To: Change Central Locking Procedure

    Just used this today and it works a treat. Many thanks for the post JohnH
  13. Police Specification Focus

    I would imagine that is a good cost option and most of all a decent vehicle to use as a baseline for any other mods. I can't think of a better way personally. :)
  14. Police Specification Focus

    Stoney, I have used the Subaru and it was totally remapped for pursuit emergency use, most of the work being done by Prodrive. A tad expensive and not for the faint hearted! I had a Volvo S60 T5 from the South Yorks police and it ramped at 300 BHP with the speed of a greased weasel. Very handy for me as it was used for my work and came equipped with full LED and strobes. The front discs were heavily upgraded as were the suspension settings and the vehicle had a run lock as well. Needless to say was both comfortable to drive and sold on easily.....without any emergency kit that is!
  15. Police Specification Focus

    The alternator is a 130mA and the battery a Karden(P) Heavy Duty Use type 12A/0093/emerg/c Needless to say it will cost a small fortune to replace when it dies!