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  1. Gearbox Oil

    Ill have a check in the morning for wetness! Just topped up with brake and clutch fluid, actually wasn't as low as I thought. But was bit below min so just topped it to just above min to allow for the rise when pads are changed. Though doing this has made no difference to selecting gear, I think I'll just go buy some gear oil tommoro from halfrauds, and try to top it up. Any idea of where you fill it up on this model? And any recommendation on what oil to use? Would rather keep it cheap as possible though!
  2. Gearbox Oil

    I'd say about that yea. Well I checked all the fluids about a week or 2 ago and everything was all fine. Brake pads seem good. The level is actually quite far below minimum, but I can't find any leaks anywhere? Ill top it up and see what happens
  3. Gearbox Oil

    Thanks for the reponse, I wouldn't say a lot but maybe half a coke can, maybe less? Hard to say really, I did have a tray underneath to catch any I loose but British weather decided to take it for a trip in the wind! We've just noticed that the brake and clutch fluid is quite low so we're going to go get some in a bit, any dot4 will do I guess?
  4. Hi I'm new here, I've just changed my other halves reverse light switch on thee gearbox yesterday. Had the car jacked up but while doing it but still I lost a bit of gearbox oil. But got the switch in fine, tested it and worked fine. However when taking it out of reverse the light stayed on. So re adjusted the switch again and tested again and all was fine. Now when she was leaving to go out this morning she couldn't select reverse to start of with it after a bit of trying she got it in and carried on with her journey. On the way home it happened again, seems to only work every now and again and now the reverse light has stopped working again.could this be down to low gearbox oil? And where do you fill up?? Should mention, it's 1996 LX 1.25. Manual! Gearbox was fine before the new switch! Thanks for your help!!
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Ppinno :)