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  1. Parts Wanted!

    Wondering if anyone had or knew anyone selling; Door pillars for the fiesta mk6 zetec s Rear diffuser from and ST or one that has been customised for an exhaust. Custom engine covers? not plastic.
  2. Hi Everyone!

    It's flush at one side and over past the badge then it seems to raised but I can't see any damage. Just won't click down or however it should. Shall nip out later if there is somewhere well lit that I can get a good picture. Cheers.
  3. To Lower Fiesta Zetec S Mk6?

    All I did to my civic was change the springs and it was constantly grinding etc so don't want to do the same thing to the fiesta. Thanks anyways.
  4. Bonnet Isn't Flush :(

    Wondering if anyone has had the same problem as me and knows how to resolve it.. I just purchased my fiesta zetec-s on saturday and after driving it from Kilmarnock up to Aberdeen I realised that the bonnet isn't flush. When I am facing the car the front right part of the bonnet next to grill and light is slightly raised and doesn't sit flush unlike the rest of the bonnet. I can't find anything wrong as to why it won't sit flush like it should. When I apply a little bit of weight it seems to go into place but when Iift then bonnet lifts to where it was also. I know it may only seem like I am moaning about something minor but all the minor points count to me! Any help would be appreciated!!
  5. To Lower Fiesta Zetec S Mk6?

    I think I am going to pass on lowering it haha. Can't be bothered with the hassle. Cheers though!
  6. Hi Everyone!

    Cheers Lenny, Shall get to it. One problem I have realised since having the car is that my bonnet isn't flush with the car.. It tends to stick up slightly near the grill at one side. Any ideas as to what this problem could be? I have looked at it and can't see anything.
  7. Hi Everyone!

    Thanks! I'd easily swap for the ST haha Was originally going for a red ST but insurance wasn't having any of it :(
  8. Fiesta Mk6 Zetec 1.6

    ***If you DO find out.
  9. Fiesta Mk6 Zetec 1.6

    Pretty sure to turbo it you require upgrading a good few other parts also... Not sure how the whole setup goes though but if you don't find out them be sure to let me know also! :)
  10. Fiesta Mk6 Zetec 1.6

    Got the same zetec s and wanting more power from it also. After dropping down from a Civic Vetec. Heard pumaspeed is overrated. But may look into the suggestions in parts as noted above. (Thanks). Anyone know where to get loose mud flaps? Not a fan of the hard plastic ones which come as standard.
  11. Hi Everyone!

  12. Hi Everyone!

    Would upload the pics the garage have sent me but can't find an upload button..?
  13. To Lower Fiesta Zetec S Mk6?

    Alright! Was wondering if anyone has lowered their mk6 zetec-s? Any feedback on it? I previously had a EP2 Honda Civic and lowered it 40mm all round... Was scraping on everything and driving me crazy. Ideally I would like to lower the zetec-s but if it is going to bump and grand on every bump etc I don't think I will bother. Or is there any alternatives etc that i am unaware of? Any help is appreciated! Cheers, Chaz.
  14. Stripes?!?!

    Black car with lime green stripes. Lime green calipers And maybe see about the ford badges in lime green. I think it would look mint but I know a lot of people that won't. Suppose it's my car to do what I want with. Like the Civic I have until the 10th.. It's red with black mugen stripes along either side.
  15. Stripes?!?!

    I quite like the stripes on the fiesta. Most people don't seem to like them but seen as my fiesta is black I was thinking Lime green viper stripes as well as the lime green zetec s stripes on the sides... I personally think it could be a good head turner and hopefully more people will like the idea rather than dislike!! Open to feedback on opinions! :)