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    Ford Ecat

    I'm having major problems with this, can anyone help?
  2. RickG

    Ford Ecat

    Just a quick question, I downloaded a copy of this from somewhere else, installed fine, however it opens IE then asks for a siteid number? to register. Does this latest file you have on the gmail account have all the information needed?
  3. Hey Maxtek, Yeah looks like you have a double din adaptor but need a single din adaptor for your headunit. The clips you have fit on the edges of the fascia. Good Luck :)
  4. Are there any clips that came with the facia, on the MK 2 focus (prevous car) it was basically the same as yours, but had 4 clips in each corner to hold the fasica and cage in. Was the headunit exactly the same as the one above, or did you need 4 keys to get the headunit out? EDIT: Sorry re-read your thread. I was under the impression you had the same headunit above. Its basically the same as the MK2 focus, there should be 4 'U' shaped clips included with the fasica which clip on (be careful as they can bounce off, or fall down the hole!) these simply clip into the hole. Put them on the fasica 1st (I glued mine on) and then push the fasica into the gap. I don't believe you will need to unscrew the above screws. Let us know :)
  5. There should be 4 screws that you attach the fascia onto (the ones that held the ford headunit on), then the cage fits into the hole (making sure you bend the metal strips to hold the cage in firmly.
  6. I would love a titanium X estate....so jealous of you all !! One day...one day I tell myself :)
  7. I would love to see Heads Up Displays become more common on cars, having common readouts on the screen, and also less analog dials and more digital. I have torque on my phone and its great having all the stats of the sensors etc, think that would be nice to have built into a system for the car. Another good feature, for estate users that have kids. An extendable cover when you open the tailgate, to offer a good surface to keep you dry when putting buggies and shopping and such like.
  8. Maybe have the battery tested? Have you noticed anything else regarding starting the car etc?
  9. Stick your single DIN unit it with a fascia and get a loom for the steering wheel controls, much better sound quality then the standard unit and still have the controls you want :)
  10. I presume its the mk 2.5, if so its basically the same as mine. I have been told that the 1.6 is not the best engine to upgrade really. The best one is the 2 litre but I suppose thats not an option. Just start with the basics, filter, exhaust. The problem jumping in and changing turbo's and the such that it will put pressure on the existing components as well. But I wish you luck and let us know how you do :)
  11. Jealous...very jealous :) Sorry to hear about your health, but I hope you enjoy your new car when you get it :)
  12. Thats great, bidding on the 1st one definatly! I take it the arm rest is seperate then?
  13. It must be only titaniums then, because I was a little gutted about that for mine....will have to go on the search because I can never find any on ebay. Thanks though :)
  14. Something like this you may need.... http://www.caraudiocentre.co.uk/product_m-in-phase-srca-pro_p-27322.htm
  15. That post was posted way back in 2011, so its unlikey they guy will be back to respond. Hopefully someone else will have a suggestion for you :)
  16. Looks very nice and neat! I would love a centre console like that, what model is it from, because I have a 2.5 focus, and it has the same centre console as my previous 2005 mk 2 (alas without the armrest).
  17. The only problem I had with tints was that you have to be real careful as they scratch so easy. I am with Stoney, as soon as funds are available, I will be going with blinds...easier by design especially with kids.
  18. Agreed! I was given all the information from the Highways Agency (as its not a major incident the police dont attend) but apparently the cab has its own insurance from the trailer. And under UK law, because the trailer is not powered then it has to be the cabs insurance I have to claim against. Bit gutted really...
  19. Bah! Mine is my current car....£3100 of damage because a truck from Poland decided he didn't want to be in the left lane and came into my lane (middle) for no reason, no signal, no nothing...That cost is including labour and paint. But now has to go through the MIB as he cannot be traced....lovely!
  20. Nice idea, but what I was thinking was putting my raspberry pi in the glovebox and taking the headunit out and replacing it with a 7inch touchscreen in the dash itself That way you would have everything you needed and easily expandable.
  21. Looking into getting a 2005/2006 Focus St this year, now I have another job closer to home, the misses can drive my focus estate :)
  22. RickG


    Have to admit, never had a problem with immobilser on any car I have had. I did remember my dad having a sierra and he could use an old fiesta key to get in it. But like Stoney said, I would rather the car have an immobiliser then to come outside in the morning and having the car disappear.
  23. JW Racing is back to £24 a pair now :(
  24. I'd be greatly interested in this as well Stoney as I was looking at tints, but having kids I can see there being a rip in it one day...
  25. Makes a massive different to the front of the car, credit to you sir!