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  1. Hi All, I have a problem with my Ford Focus Zetec 1.6 (125) Powershift. Recently it has developed a fault where is won't go in reverse, was also a bit jerky going forward. Took it to Ford where they say its still covered under warranty and will replace some parts. The car is only 4 years old with 4500 miles on the clock. What I like to know is this a common fault with the Powershift Auto gearbox?
  2. Ford Focus Mk3 Premium Centre Armrest

    Had a quick check looking at the Ford Accessory Catalogue. The Pelican III Armrest is displayed which is recommended for the Focus.. looks like that's the one they will install...the dealer said it costs £125, their going to install it in free of charge. http://www.ford.co.u...essories/Fiesta
  3. Ford Focus Mk3 Premium Centre Armrest

    What about this? Apparently this is a genuine ford accessory.. http://www.caraccessoriesplus.co.uk/product/ford-focus-armrest-2012.html
  4. Ford Focus Mk3 Premium Centre Armrest

    Isit possible to retro fit one yourself, using genuine ford parts?
  5. How to tell if your Ford Focus Mk3 has parking sensors installed? I am looking to purchase a Focus Zetec. The back bumper has what looks like sensors installed but doesn't say on the spec sheet that they are installed? Would this be verification that they are? or isit possible to has what looks like senors installed without actually having parking sensors?
  6. Did the Premium centre console armrest come as standard on the Focus Zetec Trim? I looking to purchase a Focus Zetec, but upon initial inspection I looked inside the interior without getting inside and all I could see was the cubby holes for drinks to be inserted. Is it possible for the entire Armrest to be pulled upwards exposing the cubby holes?
  7. What is the best 2.0l engine in the focus MK2.5 2009/2010 year range? isit the 2.0l TDCI or 2.0l Duretec ? What are the pros and cons for both engines? A dealer is convincing me to buy a 2.0l petrol as I don't do alot of milage..but I hear the diesel has better acceleration from lows revs compared to the petrol? is this true despite the petrol having more bhp..
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums gtiboy :)