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  1. Get someone who has ford IDS to scan your car ie:immobiliser etc. It should tell you what module isnt getting any signal. Ford IDS is a computerised VCI that carries out full diagnostics tests/live data etc Ps: maybe even a decent diagnostics kit might tell you whether immobiliser has problems etc
  2. Just take aircon outta the smaller's not like we need aircon in this country anyway.
  3. Get someone with ids vci to scan car. Have u had it scanned already.
  4. Not why.whoooooooo lol Seriously though if we knew the answer ti that one we'd be rich men eh
  5. deluded mate. Do you Believe Everything companies tell you? Go ask a well known diesel pump specialist or injector refurbisher what their opinions are. Ps:why are you speaking to millers? Do you think that a company like theirs are actually going to tell you the truth? I wonder mmmnn
  6. Because it doesnt clean injection shall we say,shifts deposits fIrther into tips of injector nozzles and cloggs em up.any injector cleaning is only good if injectors are stripped and ultrasonically cleaned etc.
  7. Something like a door handle.I dont think you stand much of a chance as its used so much.hard to prove who did any damage etc.good luck though
  8. Have you checked your air filter housing is screwed down right? Ps:oil difference between 5-30/5-40 will make no difference whatsoever
  9. Your next one will probably cost £60 on insurance or even £100. The b*stands luv gettin their money back even tho they say it doesn't affect premiums
  10. have you bled it properly? sure your timing is good? any fault codes? immobiliser ok?
  11. kind of idling problems? checked all your pipes & hoses? any fault codes showing? eml? glowplug ?
  12. can anyone tell me if any gearbox will fit a mk6 fwd transit,from another fwd transit?or even rwd? are they all vtx75? a mate has a 2006 transit mk6 & wants to put a box from a 2004 transit.will it fit?as long as its 5 speed