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  1. Kent engine?

    Thanks Dellboy, It's this one matey, some people I've spoken to have referred to it as the 'Kent' engine but yes, it is the Endura-E. Is this the 60bhp engine which preceeded the 70bhp one? I'm new to all this Ford stuff http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=htt...ngine%26hl%3Den Thanks buddy, Ben.
  2. Kent engine?

    I'm very new to Fords and only bought my new KA on Friday just gone from the local Vauxhall dealership-she's a KA Collection model on a 2002 plate with 28k miles and in silver with the silver bodykit. From what I can gather she has the 60bhp Kent engine which was superseded by the 70bhp Duratec engine-is this correct? Anyway, I'm told that the Kent engines can be a bit troublesome, can anyone give me any pointers on things I should be looking out for, ie noises, smells etc that might suggest something is wrong in the future? Thanks in advance, Ben :)
  3. How do folks - newbie here!!!

    Thanks for the welcome folks, I think this site will definately be a nice place to visit B) Ben :)
  4. Hi folks, I picked up my first ever Ford on Friday (6th Feb 2008), a 2002 KA Collection and I'm thrilled to bits with it! She has the usual CD player, full electrics, colour coded bodykit and air con. Prior to this I was driving a 1999 T plate Astra and although a good car it was killing me on the fuel consumption (she was a 1.6 auto) and cost £205 per year to tax so the the KA should save me a fortune. She is great fun to drive, very nippy and looks great. I'm new to Fords so I'm hoping to pick up some tips along the way, first thing I need to get is an owners manual as it didn't have one. ATVB & take care, Ben :)