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  1. Yeah they all spark fine, thinking of getting a diagnostic check to see if its one of the sensors I've read that it might be the crank shaft sensor that might have gone and is telling the ecu that things are not safe to let fuel into the engine failing that it could be the injector rail or even the ecu itself. confused!
  2. Let me start by saying i am not mechnicly minded but I do like to give things a go before handing the keys over to garage and then breaking out the credit card, given how times are hard aswell. I was driving the car home the other day in the snow and the car just came to a sudden stop and would start at all, struggled like mad to push the car around the corner onto my drive and managed to get it into my garage. I thought it was the battery as its been playing up and put it on charge. Next day fired her up and it just turns over but just wont start. Ive checked the fuel cut off button and that wasnt raised but did a reset on it and still just turned over and wouldnt start. I checked the spark plugs and they work fine. I borrowed my mates engine compression device hooked that up and theres no problem there. I dissconnected the fuel line from the injector and turned her over and fuel came out but does that mean the pumps working propely or not? I dunno... I checked the fuses there all fine. Have i missed anything? i didnt wanna mess with the injecter unit.. Any thoughts would be much appricated, not had much look with garges latley. Thanks
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Wato :)