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  1. ELMConfig and Mk2 Focus

    Has the cable been modified?
  2. Went out in the car earlier and car was perfectly fine. Went shopping came out and when i started the car it showed bonnet open, the outside temp is just showing dashes, blowers not working, heated front sceen light dimmly lit constantly but lights fully if pressed and no reverse light. A lot to happen in one go?? It's a 2008 focus tdci titanium. any help on these issues will be greatly appreciated.
  3. what parts would be required? I have the loom already in the car. Loom being the connector behind the glove box, the wiring for the mic along with the right style light housing and the brown and white wire in the back of the radio. The radio software is 04-05-02 and its a sony 6cd generation 2.
  4. Recently Bought

    hi all, thanks for the welcome. i have now added some mods to my car. ive had a remap along with fitting a airtec front mount intercooler, k&n panel filter which came with ecu spacer (dont know what that does??) and a uprated diverter valve.
  5. Hi, i dont know if this topic has been covered for pre-facelift. Was wondering if it is possible to install the latest bluetooth/usb module into my focus, its a 57 plate with the sony gen2 radio. also my car has keyless entry and keyless start (not push button) was wondering if it possible to install the push button start as my car already has the passive key system. Thanks in advance.
  6. Recently Bought

    hi all, recently bought a st3 pre facelift on here to share thoughts and receive some for upgrades and mods.
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums joey_b :)