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  1. Omfg. Possibly the worst yet ....

  2. Uh oh, Fiona only had 3hrs sleep, watch out world...

  3. wishes people could actually do what they are meant to be doing right to make my life a little less difficult and stressful...

  4. Feeling slightly less puffy today...

  5. Morning world... not convinced about getting up at 3.30am...

  6. now quite sure this is a shellfish allergy... any ideas how long the symptoms last?!

  7. Too early to be up on a day off... Meh, don't feel well

  8. had a lovely evening out and made a very important discovery, that I can't stand oysters!

  9. ... aches....

  10. holiday booked- only 20 sleeps to go :o) I

  11. Nope, not convinced....

  12. Omg- Titsa website= joke!!!

  13. 2 days off :o) yay!

  14. too early... roll on 2days off...

  15. Ah, sea, sun and a pint... now that's more like it!

  16. survived the 20hour shift, now for the drive home...

  17. I'm amazing... tho starting to question my sanity after 15hours at work and plenty more to go....

  18. M3 south is totally solid again. Did these people not learn yesterday?!

  19. Ah, good times! :o)

  20. Laughing at all the silly people trying to head south on a sunny bank holiday! It's gonna be dark before they get to the sea!

  21. is not impressed to be awake this early when Im working til gone midnight :(

  22. Had a really good evening out, thanks girls, .need to do it more often x

  23. Heya, hoping to make it along if I can manage to get the day off work :)
  24. Thanks :) I did notice!!! Wasn't sure where best to join so just went for both!!
  25. Heya! I'm Fi, 24 from Portsmouth... I'm new today although really shouldt be as I've had my 1.3 bonus since 2003!!! To be fair she has been off the road for 2years and I have only just got the money and space sorted to start working on her... I also own a 1.8 TDDI focus (but only cos it's cheap!) I live with my other half who is a Sierra nut- we currently have 6 fords in our driveway!! Will posts pics soon. She is currently in quite a few bits as had a water plus heater matrix issue today so seats, carpets and dash are currently scattered around the house and shed... but a good reason to start the rebuild!!!
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