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  1. David 295 have you ever tested out leaving your car running for delivery, perhaps getting a second key cut as long as it's parked in sight. If mpg does significantly improve, perhaps you can ask an auto sparky or find an on the shelf system for what they call run lock. It's what police have, where u can take the key with you leaving the car running, but it will only stay running if you have the handbrake on and the car is in neutral. Just a thought. I don't think you will ever get brilliant mpg as a short journey stop start driver, have you tried a good old 'Italian tuneup' and long trip?
  2. Thanks for your reply,I believe it is the 4 speed auto box
  3. Hi, On behalf of the father In law, could someone please outline the process involved in an automatic transmission fluid change ? I'm guessing there is a filter to change also? Many thanks
  4. Strange that it goes away when it's warmed up though, that's what made me worry that it's a component doomed for failure
  5. I'm the OP and Im 100% sure that it does it alot more noticebly when the ambient temperature is cold, it's frustrating, but I've yet to find out what the noise is, and it wasn't long ago it was at a ford specialist that plugged it in properly and couldn't see anything wrong, no fault codes and everything seemed in order, mines had regular oil changes and nothing has seemed to affect it. I've given it longer to warm up and I try my best to stay off boost as much as I can for a while. I've only got 50 something k on the clocks too Keep hunting and let me know what you find !
  6. I don't for one minute regret getting my ford, well apart from a few issues even though its a low miler. But when I used to have a Beamer 4 or 5 years ago, people were coming up with 400k + and a few euro people with their million km 6-pots.
  7. What an excellent informative reply, thankyou again, there are many misinformed souls on the Internet, I guess I will leave it blanked, for now and see how i get on. Is there a reason the EML light doesn't come on ? Does it just detect the EGR is there rather than te flow of EGR ?
  8. Right, I'm so impatient, i found a person selling on on ebay and he lived right near me and fitted it also, so I will let everyone know if the EML comes on. Only thing left to answer is what happens if it does, can it be software deleted ? Also found this trawling forums, someone said it destroyed their car not a ford I know but would raising the combustion temperature really risk killing my turban ? "089578, on 18 June 2012 - 10:35 AM, said: Hey guys, I have a mk3 2.o tdci 130 and WONT be doing any egr blanking this time around... I did this to my Delica diesel last summer and it blew the cylinder head due to increased combustion temperature increase. A good clean out of the egr and manifold sounds like a good plan though... Blanking should lower combustion temperatures, the recirculated gases will still be warm even though they pass through a cooler. With a blanked egr valve you only get cool air from the intercooler. @nilagin... sorry but you are wrong! It is not the temeperature of the air that makes the combustion temperatures cooler, recycled gasses lower the combustion temperature due to knox gasses. This brings the internal temperatures to within the tolerances that the head and turbo have been designed to tolerate. Removing/blocking the EGR will take the engine and turbo outside of these tolerances and lead to component failure"
  9. Ahh class, thanks for that its always handy to have someone with my exact engine on board! Yours is a year newer than mine, so guess its safe to say its Euro IV, I'm really suprised at it not throwing a light up, do u have any codes listed when you do a dash test ?
  10. Here's a couple of pics of what I can see, I was under the inpression that the blank went where that hose joins? Am i wrong? Thanks for taking the time to write such a comprehensive reply, if I were to blank, and a fault code generated, would clearing it not be simply temporary, as it would surely just flag it up again somewhen down the line. Also I'm not sure if its specific to my engine, but I heard it supposedly takes forever for the heater matrix to get hot once EGR blanked ? I came accross it whilst munging around searching, but can't seem to find the thread.
  11. Just to let people know, my mechanic was reluctant to take all that apart if there was no driving problems at all, and believes it was just a combination of the jubilee clip being crap, and the position of the next piece of rubber into the metal piece was quite far in so it pulled itself off even in situ, let alone with the engine vibrating and moving, so put a new tight jubilee clip on and will keep my fingers crossed. Also gave it an Italian tuneup and ran double my usual dose of millers diesel ecomax and all seems well, but I will post up if i have any further agro. Just to confirm, getting to the EGR involves taking the turban and inlet off doesn't it, if i were to blank it, it's just a case of taking the pipe off. If I went to my ford specialist, would they be able to delete the EGR out the program of the car ? What drawbacks are there to deleting the EGR ? Last one I did was on a 1.6 8v Astra and was literally 2 bolts to blank and then left it hanging and no problem, but obviously this is a different kettle of fish
  12. Ahh I see, ill see if I can get it booked in to get the EGR cleaned, it had had a relatively mundane life up until now my mum had it from new, although I have already replaced the boost hose (well the whole lot with the metal pipe) around 1K ago at a guess. Is there any guides on here how to do my specific EGR or not ?
  13. Here it is, it came off this much again ! Never goes any further tho
  14. I really wish I thought of these things before making a million posts but; Ive did the dash trick, no faults on there. And it had its software updated about a month ago and all was well diagnostics wise. I've just been out and got 96% alcohol and cleaned the grease off where the hose slips onto, and made sure its super tight, didnt manage to get a pic, but it just hardens right up and expands (not quite balloon as I thought I saw yesterday). Would it be worthwhile getting a silicone hose to replace this little piece? As I plan on keeping the car and already gone through one hose, I can't seem to find one premade anywhere, could someone give me the measurements I'd need to buy one please
  15. Actually while I think of it, I did post up about it making a fluttering when I change gear when it's cold, that sounds like turbo, only slight, but worth a mention if its related.