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  1. Brake Pads Review Needed

    Hey guys my mate has just given me some brand new Omega Brake Pads for my Ford Fiesta 2010 1.25 as he got a new car today. Are these a good quality pads? How long will they last? How good are they at stopping? Reviews needed thanks guys!
  2. Fuel

    I sometimes go bp, morrisons or shell
  3. Fuel

    I am just wondering if changing where I fill up all the time will have any negative effects on my cars performance? Thanks.
  4. Hi guys where do I find my fuel injectors on my mk7 fiesta 1.25 edge?
  5. Hi guys my car is running like I'm driving like a granny! How do I reset my ECU? Thanks.
  6. Hi guys please can you tell me which are the best tyre's to put on my 1.25 Ford Fiesta 2010 plate. Thanks.
  7. No when I first bought it it was fine so I don't have a clue what the problem is mate
  8. Hi guys hope you can help. I have been getting really annoyed now with the way my car is accelerating when I put my foot down there is about 3/4 second lag then the car starts to move! The lag is mostly in 2nd and 4th gear! Can you help me solve this. Thanks
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums John-231 :)