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  1. H And R 35Mm Lowering Springs

    As long as they don't rub, it will be lowered. I did see somewhere the speedo adjustments for different wheel sizes. Will look that up again when I get in. Not as easy to search from my phone
  2. H And R 35Mm Lowering Springs

    I've managed to procure some lovely 18's now. So I think I will have to stay with the current springs until I see how much room I have to play with!
  3. H And R 35Mm Lowering Springs

    good to know, thanks a lot
  4. Mtec H7's- Any Good??

    My company sells far more night breakers yet I agree with brigante and prefer the cool blue myself
  5. Has anyone fitted these? Mainly curious as the the max wheel size that the lowering allows. I don't fancy making wheel arch modifications!
  6. New Focus Owner... Hi All

    Just a bog standard outside silver mk 1 to be honest. But will throw a pic or two up soon
  7. Hi all, I am mike, 37 from northants. I was recently given a 1.8 zetec mk 1 focus to use as a project/ runaround. Nice car so i added leather seats, and tidied a few bits up. I am now looking to improve upon it. Just wondering where people start with these. The engines sound, but high mileage, so will either give it a rebuild or swap it. I have little knowledge of whats available performance wise on these cars, so hoing someone might shed a bit of light on it for me! ANyway, look forward to speaking to you! Mike
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums mikep :)

    1. mikep


      thanks steve