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  1. Sat Nav

    The Navman panoramic is quite good.
  2. Immobilisers

    it makes the insurance cheaper and thats all I care about
  3. Getting Sick Of Cyclists.

    I think they should ban cyclists from main roads, for their safety and our sanity
  4. Private Registration Plates

    Where is the best place to get custom number plates then?
  5. Cigar Lighter Adaptors

    I have the first one, it works well and its small so no complaints
  6. Where Is This?

    I know none of those.. oh dear..
  7. Insurance Claim

    I agree, inform your insurance company
  8. Its Snowing

    Its snowing down here yet again today.. I thought winter was over
  9. Arghhhh! :(

    Thats the way to do it haha
  10. Is This Wrong

  11. Don't Know How To Sell Car

    I agree autotrader is probably one of the best websites to sell, other than that you can use ebay classified ads And paypal payments dont necessarily have to be bogus, just make sure you don't give them the car before the money has been withdraw to you account from paypal first.
  12. How much did it cost you to refurbish them?
  13. Focus Servicing

    It might be worth servicing it at a different garage?
  14. Fitted St Bumper :)

    that looks sweet!