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  1. Hi all, coming off the motorway slip road yesterday and went to drop down out of 5th gear as I approached the top of the junction but suddenly couldn't put it into another gear and the pedal wouldn't press down either so essentially I was stuck in neutral. No warning, noise or banging just a simple change of gear and then pop my clutch pedal was stuck. I got the car recovered, the engine runs absolutely fine but the guy said it could be the "slave cylinder" as there was leaking when I pressed (with some strength) down on the clutch. I have around 65000 on the clock. Has anyone experienced this and if so in terms of repairs what sort of figure am I looking at? Thanks in advance all.
  2. Ford Focus 2009 Zetec - Blowing Cold Air!

    Thanks guys, do I prise the outer rim of the lighter grey facia or is it the small gap around the rounded chrome silver strip surrounding the radio itself?
  3. Hi everyone, recently my heater is blowing cold air and the heat control knob feels like it's trying to "spring" back a little. I've heard that there is a cable behind the panel that can "kink" causing the issue. Can anyone advise how to remove the facia or radio to access behind please? Thanks.
  4. Anyone help?! Bought my 2009 Focus just under 3 months ago, today the fuel display is fluctuating up and down as if it doesn't know how much petrol is in the tank. I know there's about 100 miles worth in but as well as the electronic fuel display the dial is showing on the red at the same time. Any theories? Thanks in advance :)
  5. Heeeelp!? 2009 Ford Focus Zetec Owner Manual

    Thanks for this Preee.
  6. Greetings all. Just popped me cherry on this forum! I've just acquire a very nice Silver Ford Focus Zetec 1.6L 2009 model. But I can't locate a UK owners manual anywhere. The Ford website does have a download resource but only offers 2010 models onward and the only pdf other than that are US ones. Anyone help please? Cheers. ;)
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Fantanafest :)

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      Cheers man. Not sure what I can offer but more of a get to know what its all about type of thing really! And maybe some hints and tips hehe