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  1. Hi. I bought a 1999 Mondeo MK2. 2.0L Zetech engine. Unbeknown to me, this vehicle could not be repaired by the Ford Dealers. Dash lights up when you turn the key, but the engine does not crank. Starter is ok. The Dealers replaced the ECU and interior fuse box. They swopped these items from an identical vehicle without any luck. The "faulty" ECU and fusebox worked fine in the other vehicle. The only items they did not swop was the engine compartment fuse box and the wiring looms. They checked the engine and dash wiring looms and found no problems there. They could not communicate with the ECU. Please advise what could be the problem. I checked the connectors and engine fuse box. They all seem ok. Thanks.
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    Mondeo Mk3 Problems

    Thanks. I will check those.
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    Wiring Loom

    Hi. I'm very interested in your problem. I recently bought at Mondeo MK2 with the same problem. I changed the ECU and took it to the agents to recode the keys. When I arrived there, they told me that they struggled for almost a year to fix this exact vehicle. They replaced the ECU, Fusebox, checked the internal wiring loom and still could not find the fault. I am now trying to fix a car that the agents could not fix. I will keep an eye on your problem. Maybe our problems are similar. Regards.
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    Mondeo Mk3 Problems

    Hi All. Please help! I recently reconditioned my Duratec 2.0L Mondeo engine. The engine idles fine, revs fine, starts fine and even accelerates fine. However, whenever I depress the clutch at an intersection, the revs fall right down and the engine dies. It starts at the first swing again. Someone told me that the timing was out. I rechecked and reset it. Still the same problem. What else can I try? Thanks.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums RonaldFord :)