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  1. Need Help!!!

    Ok thanks mate. I am taking it back to the Garage I bought it from tomorrow in the hope that they can fix it. Fingers crossed!
  2. Need Help!!!

    Hi I bought my Fiesta ST (56 reg) last week. When I took it for a test drive the car was pulling slightly to the left. I thought it was just the tracking that was out and was sure it was nothing more. I went and had the tracking done put it still pulled to the left so I took it to my local Ford Dealer to see if anything was out of place, bent etc..but they couldn't see anything obviously wrong with it. They said the tracking was way out and put it right but having gone to the best tracking people in plymouth again today they said that it is was done incorrectly by Ford and that if they put it right it would pull to the left again. All Ford did was to put the wheel in on the passenger side so that the car drove straight. I have swapped the wheels around from back to front to see if that helped but it made no difference. It was mentioned that maybe the suspension arm could be bent on either side but as it is not a visual thing no one can be sure. I just want some advice as to what it could be as I don't seem to be getting anywhere with garages. Thanks. Chris.
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums FST150 :)