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  1. 4018Andy

    2.0 Tdci Struggling To Start

    Ended up being the throttle housing.
  2. 4018Andy

    2.0 Tdci Struggling To Start

    Doesn't seem to matter. Even after a warm engine then off it can struggle but inconsistent. I heard of an air valve flap that maybl cause a prob but the garage said that was okay, not sure if they did look though
  3. Hi all, I have a 59 plate 2.0 tdci which will only start after 7-10 attempts. It has already been to the garage and there were no diagnostics and fuel pressure was fine. It has 70k on the clock and always fully serviced. At the garage they did a re calibration which worked for a day but now back to poor starting. There is no issue once started and engine running normal. Any ideas? Thanks Andy
  4. This is a rough guide for when I fitted on a Ford S-max 59 plate... 1.First thing is to remove the existing head rests.On the left there is a button you press to raise and lower the headrest.To completely remove it you have to press the right hand button that is recessed.Push it in and pull up on the rest to remove. 2.You have to add the extra silver bars onto the poles for them.Make sure the ring part is at the top. The system I bought had plastic connectors to adjust to the correct size of the head rest holes. Put these in first rather than onto the bars making sure that it is the correct size as I used a slightly too big one to start with which was then a pain to get back out once I realised. 3.Feed the two lots of wires down the holes and offer the headrest into the holes adjusting the space between them so that they fit. 4.Down at the bottom of the seat you will feel a rigid trim.Push downwards and unhook it off its mount.Pull the fabric away and put your hand up and you'll feel the wires no trouble. 5.Once you've fitted both players with the wires down the seats the fun starts 6. There is a footwell in the nearside passenger floor panel which I ran all the leads into (you could also hide them in the rear of the seat). On the middle consel from the drivers side DVD unit you can push the wires under so there is no trace. 7. I then plugged the av leads into each of the phono plugs on both sets of leads. 8. I used a connector block for both sets of wires for power. 10. Refix the trim at the bottom of the seats - best technique is to pull it down and push back at the same time until clips back on. 11.I then had my 2 core cable heading towards the rear cigarette lighter in the boot via under the passenger seat. 12. Just to the side of the power point there is a access point which you can take off to get right behind the power socket and have full access to wiring.. 13. I ran the lead through the rear light access which has grills on so no need to remove. ( I think when I have more time I will drill a small hole into the plastic further in and then re run wire so absolutely no trace.) 14. Once all connected then all should be fine. The only thing I have noticed is that the power supply to the DVD's is always on (small LED) I haven't noticed any battery drain but this could be a problem if leaving on whilst away for long periods . The way to get around this would be to install a 12v accesorry plug which you can pick up from halfords for a couple of quid and then just plug in as and when you need to using the rear power socket. Hope this helps!
  5. Okay this is very easy on an s max. I ran the wires through the headrests, used the near side rear passenger well to consolidate all the wires then ran a single feed to the rear cigarette lighter point which has loads of rear access. Took less than 1 hour and works perfectly. Well done ford for making all access so easy.
  6. Hi all, I need to wire a headrest DVD into the fusebox, it's rated at 1.5amps @ 9 volts, is there any particular fuse that would be best suited. There are quite a few blank fuses shown in the manual so can it be wired to one of these? Cheers Andy
  7. 4018Andy

    S Max Front Headrests

    Success! On the front headrests there is the button that sticks out on on one side which allows up and down, then on the other side there is a flush button that just looks like a plastic mould. Press this one in when at its maximum height along with the other button and it will come out with ease. If only it said that in the manual!
  8. 4018Andy

    S Max Front Headrests

    I have looked on some other posts and it mentions there are clips for the front headrests but I can't see anything. I have now pulled the headrest so hard that the actual headrest has come detached from the metal poles so brute force even whilst the button is in doesn't work. Like I said the back headrests pull out fine so there must be a different mechanism for the front 2 headrests. If someone can try it on theirs and see if they have any luck?! Cheers A
  9. 4018Andy

    S Max Front Headrests

    Hi, I need to take out both the front headrests to fit a DVD system with new headrests but I can only extend them to their maximum position and even on pushing the side button in they won't budge to take them out. They move and click per normal to the different heights using the side button.The second and third row headrests come out fully no problem. Looked in the manual and it only shows the second and third rows which come out. does anyone know the trick before I get my angle grinder out! Thanks Andy
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums 4018Andy :)