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  1. Don't Know How To Sell Car

    Don't know I will let u know in a few days hoping its not the same people that will be contacting me as it was on auto trader
  2. Don't Know How To Sell Car

    Thanks for the replies. Just to let you no I am not trying to advertise the car on the forum I am only looking for information from other like minded people that aren't trying to scam me lol I have taken more pics and changed the advert to make it stand out from the crowd a little and also listed it on gum tree.
  3. Hi everyone, new to the whole forum thing. This is the second st170 that I have owned but due to family expanding I am trying to sell it I have advertised it on auto trader with all relevant pics but the only replies I seem to get are from scammers trying to pay by PayPal and send a courier to collect the car. Could anyone let me know an easier/safer way to sell this car. Would like it to go to someone that will enjoy it as much as I do. Thanks for any help in advance
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Johnboy88 :)