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  1. Ford Fiesta Mk7 Cosmetic Modifications

    If you put 17" Alloys on you can kiss goodbye to ever doing a decent 3 point turn or nifty swing round again :D I used to work for a well known swindling insurance broker, and would use cosmetic modifications as a reason to increase the price, despite there being no further loading on the risk. Invariably you are made to call the company and then if you haven't declared they will scare you into admitting it, or if you have admitted to it, then that's their cue to up the price and blames the mods. Tinting windows, painting calipers etc. has little impact on the risk - modifying parts like wheels, adding kits etc does, albeit nothing like they would have you believe. It's all about money. Breathe through your mouth instead or your nose? Well that's not standard, so please pay an extra £250 :D Oh, and think carefully about remapping/chipping as certainly the company I worked for the insurance companies had this as a standard check on any cars where claims were being made, even if your car was stationary outside your house having not been moved for 8 hours they might try to not pay if there has been some undeclared tinkering.
  2. What Private Regi To Get?

    This is where I wish that I didn't have an easily memorable plate - many a time I think I should've thought it through a bit more :D Mine is my full first name middle initial and 1st letter of surname - but because of the spacing rules (and I know I will get pulled if I get it laid out like my name) it just looks vintage. I then get 'oh, a personalised plate...Oh, it's your name!' when I have to dish out the reg :D Mine was £250 to buy and apparently now worth £600...yeah. Right.
  3. Avons did well on my Festa - although noisier on the road. Even got my through the depths of Winter 2010 :D
  4. Upgrading Tyres

    I got told no by the dealer about a year ago - issues with turning (more issues aside from boat proportioned turning circle) and issues with speedo reading.
  5. Norfolk Newbie

    Can I warn in advance that while the base colour of the Festa is silver, I generally sport the farm filth overlay - will I offend people with this modern day rat look? :D
  6. Has anyone done it DIY? Mine needs replacing, but been quoted £270 plus 2 hours fitting to replace. Been doing some seaching and found the unit on fleabay and thinking of buttering up the OH to fit it. If you have done it, will it initiate divorce proceedings?!
  7. Engine Cover - Should There Be One?

    My 09 fiesta had a cover, went for a service and came back minus it and when questioned apparently it never had it. So the fixing holes are for....? :-D
  8. Norfolk Newbie

    Hi! Feels a bit like an addiction clinic intro...hi my name is E and I have a Festa :-D Mk7 (09) fiesta, 1.6 tcdi Titanium with X pack in Moondust silver!
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Castanea :)