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  1. I have a 2003 (53 Plate) Ford Fusion 2. I want to remove my 4500 Radio/Entertainment System so that I can see what ports and cable attachments are at the rear - thus giving me the opportunity to use a radio to auxiliary converter. I've seen it done with cars older and of similar ages to mine, but I won't know what ports are accessible until I have a look at the back. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks, Cameron
  2. Cargo Net For Ford Fusion

    My 2003 Ford Fusion 2 came without a cargo net, and so when I park on a hill and need to use the boot, there is nothing to secure items from sliding out the back, due to the Estate design of the boot. Would anyone know where I would be able to find a suitable cargo net or similar solution. The hooks are in the boot so it would be possible to secure one. Thanks Cam
  3. New/replacement Key For 2003 Ford Fusion 2

    ui Please could you point me in the direction of somebody who would tailor cut the key? Thanks Cam
  4. New/replacement Key For 2003 Ford Fusion 2

    How can they cut a key for you before shipping it? It would have to fit your car, and they wouldn't know the shape needed until they stuck a mould on your existing key or tailored one to the lock on your car.
  5. Unusual Screen Wash Problem

    I know this sounds silly, but my 53 Fusion's front washer just wouldnt go. I had a look in the manual again, not alot of information. So I tried holding in the button for about 5 seconds and it works now! I'd try that if I was you, better than spending money! :) Hope it works. Cam
  6. New/replacement Key For 2003 Ford Fusion 2

    Okay, at least it has given me a rough idea, thanks pal :)
  7. New/replacement Key For 2003 Ford Fusion 2

    Yeah, do you have any idea around about how much it will cost?
  8. New/replacement Key For 2003 Ford Fusion 2

    Great! Thanks for the information, you've been a great help :) Now to find an Auto Locksmith. Cam
  9. New/replacement Key For 2003 Ford Fusion 2

    Hi Stoney, Thanks for the introduction to the forum. Thanks for the help/information! What about the central locking, will they be able to sort that bit out? Cheers, Cam
  10. Yesterday I got my first car, a 53 Ford Fusion 2 1.4 Petrol. Unfortunately it only came with one key, and I would prefer to have a spare available. How would I go about retrieving/buying/having a new one made? Any help would be appreciated!
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums 999cameron :)

    1. 999cameron


      Thanks Steve! My first car, and henceforth my first Ford! Fusion 2 2003 Petrol 1.4! I love it.

    2. 999cameron


      I have one problem though, it only came with one key, and obviously it would be good to have a spare, and seeing as it was a present from my parents, they want one really. How would I go about getting another key for it?