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  1. New Model Year 2012

    hi can anyone confirm if the sony dab radio comes on the Titanium Econetic and not just the Titanium. some comparisons say it doesnt come on the Titanium econetic. Dave
  2. New Fiesta Mk7 Specs

    hi can anyone confirm to me if you get the sony radio with the Titanium Econetic 1.6TDI. There are conflicting reports about it being only on the titanium 1.4 model. ready to order another fezza but need to know this info. the brochure you download from ford seems to be out of date a little. hope someone can help Dave
  3. new fiesta 1.6 tdci

    I think youll find its perfectly normal. mine does exactly the same. if you sit in the cabin and turn the engine OFF, after a few mins it does exactly the same. Its a combination of electrical trickery going on behind the dash like the climate etc.
  4. done it! order placed

    Yes i see said the blind man....dont i feel stupid...lol
  5. Just did a very quick look on web and http://www.car2cover.co.uk offer 3 year gap insurance for £240. Thats the top of the range package mind you. im sure other people like direct line do them cheaper still. Dont know if i would take one over 3 years tho
  6. best accesories for the new fiesta!

    Totally agree with the other posts. Go get yourself a 16GB usb stick. There is no advantage using an ipod and an overpriced ipod cable.
  7. You paid about £300 too much for your gap insurance. There are so many places offering Gap insurance now at a tenth of the cost that a dealer offers. Gap and supaguard are where the dealers rub there hands. Nice car tho hope your enjoy it
  8. done it! order placed

    Trust me as some one who has a Squeeze car that the colour is beautiful and is the only colour bar white which makes the fiesta stand out against all other cars. I have seen one with the street pack on and it looked damn cool. Resaleability wont be an issue. White is back in fashion and here to stay and so are loads of other vibrant colours. People dont want silvers and reds anymore. Go Green as its easy to clean. Did you not order the bluetooth and usb...its a must on the fiesta..lol
  9. just gone over 4000 miles now in the 1.6 TDCI titanium and we are averaging 57mpg, mainly journeys of around 10 - 14 miles. Very pleased with this to be honest
  10. Well its only been on sale a few months and already the road is saturated with new fiestas. Its a shame there isnt more ways to personalise the car to make it a bit different. My wife has got one in green and it only stands out because its green. All the others seem to blend into the background now. Shame great car but common as muck now.
  11. I think your missing the point. The MPG tests are done to government regulations and in strict lab conditions. So the official government figures are only there, and i mean only there, for comparison. Yes it appears !Removed! misleading but all they are saying is that if you drive in these near perfect conditions then you can achieve such and such I was given a booklet from fords about mpg problems and it really does open you eyes. I doubt you will ever hear a salesman say yes you can easily achieve these figures. You just have to use them as comparisons between models and or manufacturers. Perhaps some models are easier to get to replicate the lab conditions so the MPG doesnt seem as bad. i dont know why some models seem to get near the official figures. My wifes 1.6 tdci titanium is doing 51.6mpg no matter how its driven. im happy with that but also a little curious as to why some people with the same car can achieve much higher figures.
  12. Bluetooth

    Not the best phone to get for compatability The nokia 5800 express works seemlessly with the fiesta down to transmitting personal ringtones through system. i love it.
  13. Title amd album name on the CD Player

    just use something like TAG and RENAME to ID your files and burn them at a slow speed onto a cd and that should bew it. much easier to use a usb pen tho
  14. Love the new fiesta BUT

    The power on my usb stick only stays on for about 5 mins once ive turned the ignition off then the power goes off. so i assume the power doesnt stay on all the time.
  15. Order Ready to Go!

    I hope your not going to pay full price for it as you can at least knock off £1500 for it without trying. As for the paintguard please dont tell me you spent £200 on a product that costs about £20. you can buy supaguard off ebay for £10. They should chuck that in for free on top of any haggling you do. Nice spec however...