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  1. Happy Birthday Kilbrannan!

  2. Thanks Lenny searched late last night looking for a way to ID the engine capacity other than entering reg number into DVLA search engine for vehicle ID Fusions are stamped on the Left front of the engine where the clutch housing meets the engine. fortunately the vehicle is a 1.6 engine and having contacted the dealer who sold the car to me it turns out that it was down to an administrative error on their vehicle stock numbers. what is embarrasing is that i signed documentation without checking that the documantation was correct, (sales pressure) i will never make that mistake again! thanks for your help
  3. apologies for jumping straight in to posting but some answers might help me get some sleep tonight! :) i have just bought a ford fusion 1.6 petrol (09) i have signed all the paperwork a week ago and when i have re-read the sales invoices the ford dealer has marked the car as a 1.4 petrol rather than a 1.6 i have checked on the DVLA website and this confirms that the registration matches a 1.6 zetec i contacted the dealer and he reassures me that the log book which, is in post is, for a 1.6 engine my questions are is the DLA a reliable source for confirming engine capacity? ,is there anyway i can tell by looking at the engine what capacity it is? i feel like such a muppet for not noticing the error in the paperwork, but he changed the paperwork from the original that he printed off before the car was delivered to his dealership. i hope someone can advise me on this regards Kilbrannan
  4. hi everyone i have recently bought an 09 ford fusion and thought it would be a good idea to join this club for advice and experiences. i do not no much about cars apart from they get me from "a to b" ( well most do, some that i have owned have failed to perform) please have patience if my questions seem basic and lacking understanding of the fundamentals regards Kilbrannan
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Kilbrannan :)