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  1. Titanium Estate.

    Funny how much Titan has changed but not changed in 3 yrs.
  2. New motor (1.6TDCI Titanium Estate)

    Thanks Mate. Yeah all good here, How's everything with yourself?
  3. New motor (1.6TDCI Titanium Estate)

    While looking for my long forgotten thread I found my name mentioned and a couple of pics of Titan. He's changed alittle bit since those pics.
  4. My Focus Titanium <3

    Looking good! What shade of tint is it? I took my strip down to the bottom of the sensor bit in the centre of the screen but it is only a light smoke so not as noticeable as yours. With the FlyEye is that supplying the material aswell as if so that's a great price! Look forward to seeing it.
  5. My Focus Titanium <3

    Looking good is that. Do you have plans to get the side skirts to finish the kit? Also have you thought about colour coding the fog light surrounds really changes the look of the front bumper. What are you doing regards sun strip is it going to be a vinyl strip or Tint?
  6. Titanium Estate.

    So I finally got round to sorting the mod that my daughter bought me for my birthday, with a bit of a huge hint to the wife I got a leather cover for my armrest which I think goes a lot better with the leather seats. It was a case of glueing the cover to the plastic armrest and tucking the surplus material between the 2 parts of the armrest. And fitted back into the car.
  7. My Focus Titanium <3

    Looking good! Just the front to get on now then!
  8. Does anybody know what I need to do after installing the steering wheel? I've got a friend with cable.
  9. My Focus Titanium <3

    Will look good when they are fitted!
  10. Titanium Estate.

    After seeing so many Mk2 Focus RS's and ST's with darker headlights at FordFair I'd decided to do mine! I did think about buying some vinyl headlight brows from DMB but thought I could probably make them myself. So my xenons have gone from To This Ending up like this! Giving the front of the wagon a more aggressive look.
  11. Titanium Estate.

    Have you thought about a Seat Cupra splitter similar sort of look, or how about making one piece of facia board cut to shape and painted the bottom of standard bumper is flat I'm sure.
  12. My Mk2 Focus Estate

    Nice! Will let you know about Airbag swop!
  13. My Focus Titanium <3

    Looks like a good job now just got to get pics of it fitted!
  14. Titanium Estate.

    Cheers Georgen, All things on the to do list along with finishing the kit ( Skirts & spoiler), ReFurbing the wheels and also Headlight Brows and FlyEye! I had Mk1 RS alloys in my old Mk1 wagon and they filled the arches perfectly so will definitely be getting spacers to go with the springs, Eventually! LoL
  15. Titanium Estate.

    Cheers b4zz, it is an ST bumper Triple R Composites do a splitter for the Zetec S not totally sure about a standard bumper though. Could always ask though!