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  1. Lh Rear Speaker Not Working

    I guess they buy those speakers by the boat load for pennies, and three rivets takes seconds to fit. Going by all the stickers inside the door, and name pressed in to the metal, they are designed/manufactured by a sub-contract specialist firm. No different to Bosch, Recaro, Hella etc. Cars are just business, and not a very profitable one these days. Still, it keeps us amused putting all these things right!
  2. Lh Rear Speaker Not Working

    I cut my old speaker up, going to have a play at work tomorrow, because I think you could use the frame bit as a speaker adaptor, and if you save the right bits, still use the existing loom wiring, and then just solder the new speaker leads after the Ford connector. Not sure that made any sense?! I will have a play, and take some pics. This was an after thought, so may try it on the other side one, as I cut the part off my left hand one that holds the terminals in place... If it works though, you would not need to buy the adaptors, that don't really fit, anyway... Also, I hope to fit some rivnuts, instead of rivets, as we happen to be using lots at work at the moment! Good luck with yours!
  3. Lh Rear Speaker Not Working

    Yeah, no need to go that deep! I guess the taped up speaker extension wire is for a tweeter, on ghia/titanium perhaps?
  4. Lh Rear Speaker Not Working

    Sorry for delay in update, work a bit silly at mo... I could not fit speakers to the parcel shelf, as it is rarely in the car, she's a van most of the time! Tried old stereo, same speaker still out, so removed door card, after buying forked tool thing. Un-plugged speaker, and checked cables to stereo with multimeter, all good, so dead speaker it is. Bought a cheapy pair off ebay, complete with connect2 adaptors. Drilled off rivets, removed speaker, bit disapointed the adaptors don't quite line up with the holes... Anyway, bit of cable re-routing, soldered on new terminals from the wires that came with the speakers, all good now! Shame I forgot to bring my rivet pliers home from work though... Whilst on a roll, managed to finish wiring in my 12v boot socket, and a second boot light, a very successful day by my usual standards!
  5. Lh Rear Speaker Not Working

    I will check the radio end first, I was hoping for a flood of 'yeah, they always break here' etc! Think I will drop the old stereo in too, to make sure it is not a stereo fault. I will update after I get time at the weekend to go digging. Cheers for the ideas so far, keep em coming!
  6. Hi all, while fitting aux in cable, I found my rear LH speaker does not work... My question is, would you guess at speaker failure, or a wire break/fell off/out? Not too keen to take door card off unless they are a common failure? 2005 Focus Zetec Hatch All thoughts and experiences welcome! Cheers, Iain
  7. Ah, I had not checked Lenny's thread for a few weeks. I was going to do exactly what you did for the 12v socket too, but will just use the towbar feed now. The looms seem so random?! Mine has footwell light wiring, but my mates same spec a year later does not? I had no aux button on stereo, but wiring is there ready for it, which seems quite rare too?! While tackling fitting a radio aux in cable today (I have changed radios) I found the blank switch panels either side of the heated screens are wired too! And of course, no orange RH 12v aux feed! Fords, gotta love 'em!
  8. Hi, newbie alert! I am keen to fit both additional boot light, and 12v socket, and have been digging around my boot today. I had a chat with Lenny last week, as I could not find any wiring behind the RH boot trims for the 12v socket, and I wondered if it was because my car is quite an early mk2, 2005. I did however find a permanent positive behind the LH boot trims, 25amp fused for the towbar options. Hope this is of some use to you gforce? I too intend on running an invertor off that feed. Sorry, bit off topic...
  9. Northants Newbie

    Hi all, just a quick hello. I kept ending up here from Google searches, seemed like a great bunch of helpful people, so I finally got onboard... Looking forward to advice, and tips, I'm not really a modifier as such. Current car is a 2005 Focus Zetec Climate 2.0 tdci See you around, Iain
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Kempfab :)