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    Hi to all, I bought a Focus ST170 last week, on a 03 plate. It is a really tidy car, but like any one who takes pride in their car I want to keep it looking as new as possible. I have been searching everywhere to find ‘Autoglym’ and ‘Meguiars’ car care products and I found a website which was www.polishedservices.co.uk and they had a link on there which led me to an ‘Autoglym’ and ‘Meguiars’ page http://www.polishedcarcare.co.uk. The prices on there were really competitive. I looked on another leading retailers’ website and found ‘Autoglym Bumper Care 325ml’ for £5.99 +P&P and then compared it to the polished services website and found it for only £3.80 +P&P. The prices on the Polished website are hard to beat and I cant find them any where else. I have bought quite a few products off their website now and have not been disappointed. A few products that I would recommend that I have found really easy to use are; ‘High Definition Wax’, which gives the car a lasting shine, ‘Super Resin Polish’ which is a high gloss shine polish and ‘Extra Gloss Protection’ which seals in all the hard work you’ve just done polishing your car. have been searching to find Autoglym HD Wax and Meguiars Scratch X to tidy up the car I found a website http://www.polishedcarcare.co.uk which seems to be the cheapest I’ve seen anywhere, give it a look if you get chance, I used HD before on my mark 2 Golf and it made it look the business after a good wash and lasted ages. I was also surprised at what other services Polished can provide, for example; full mops, engine remapping, tuning, venture shield, motor-bike valets, alloy refurbs and windscreen chip repairs… just to name a few!! I would recommend this website to anybody who takes pride in their car. Cheers Dave