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  1. Just wondering if anyone plays Raceroom Experience on PC, i have been hammering it this evening in the Cupra esports qualifying but i can't for the life of me get the thing set up right to beat my 1.51 can anyone help?😂
  2. No the ordeal to get it done under the warranty, its all done now picking it up in a bit, amazing what a phone call to Ford themselves can achieve😂 just to buy some disks and pads now and knock all my own knuckles off!
  3. On a side note conveniently after the service the offside driveshaft seal has decided it doesnt want to hold the gearbox oil in anymore, the warranty claim for that will be fun considering the thing is up in 5 days🤬
  4. Thanks guys, I will have a look online see whats on offer, has anyone get any experience with the mountune pads?
  5. Just had my 3rd service in the ST the dealer has ***** me off for a start so thats their bolt shot going forward, anyway😂 mainly just on the road is there much of a benefit to me getting OEM pads and disks? I can get some genuine ones for about 10 quid less online just wondering what people think regarding this👍
  6. Alright guys thanks for the replies, just wrapped some nice expensive Pilot 4s on the wheels and the noise has gone so obviously my old tyres were just irritating when getting low on tread!
  7. Alright guys, yeh i did record the sound but cant upload the sound file😡, anyway i have had a good check round to be honest and there is no play suggesting the bearings are ok, i have given the brake shields a push and washed them out to no change, its almost certainly something rubbery making the noise but as above doesnt seem to happen until its warm, all the rubber covers are intact cv joints etc, i need some tyres soon anyway so i think i may leave it until thats done see if it gets any worse 🤔
  8. I know you guys love a listen i cant upload the sound, I am baffled by this rotational noise, sounds like the tyres to me sounds very harsh when going along after everything is warmed up however the noise cannot be heard on a cold movement, best way of describing it at speed when you hear it is like a train a chuffing sort of noise, drives ok and isnt grindy enough to be a bearing it's a rubbery noise...... I'm reckoning the tracking is out and it's the tyres any ideas or anyone else had anything like it on an ST or otherwise?
  9. I have tried it out in a few places now, and as mentioned above the dealers don't seem that interested until you start telling them about matey down the road who's selling one for xx price cheaper then they stand up and get involved, cheers for the responses.
  10. Sounds like air or fuel related might be worth checking the air filter is properly in place, maybe coil pack or ht leads but that would normally be noticeable most of the time you would think
  11. You must have a leak how many miles have you done in 2 weeks?
  12. Hi, I'm back after a few months of inactivity to ask some more idiotic questions, I have my beady eye on a 14 plate fiesta st3 mp215, it's listed at 12,459 pennies, I'm looking to pay cash or atleast in total on the day, how cheeky do you reckon I could get away with being on this I'm out of the loop really on what these things are going for these days, it's done 21k.
  13. The foil heat Shields make some noise when the clips holding them on give up