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  1. Puma Conversion

    I wanna do a puma conversion, I've got mk5 fiesta 2001 I've bought a 1999 puma. But it's analog what parts will I need to change and what will I need to buy for it to complete the conversion. Cheers dazza Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  2. Mk5 Fez

  3. Instagram

    Cheers mate had to make a new one it's now dazzaa11 old one got hacked. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  4. Instagram

    Anyone ford lovers on Instagram.. Follow me Dazzaaa11 or give me yours Cheers Dazza Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  5. Fiesta Bulbs List

    What bulbs are in the dash/speedo bit on MK5 zetec S
  6. This looks good, won't be able to make this one. But for sure have to attend one in the near future :) Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  7. Memberships

    Hi, I'm new to the FOC and I've been looking at the memberships. what one do most people go for? and is it worth signing up for. Thanks Dazza.
  8. Newbie, My 1St Post.

    Thanks for the messages. Nice cars. do any of you go to meets yourself? I'm looking for going to my first "ford fair" this year. you not passed your test yet chris?
  9. Newbie, My 1St Post.

    Hi everyone. I signed up last year but never got round to using this forum. as u can see its my first post. I own a MK5 fiesta zetec S (Imperial blue) that I got last summer, which I intend to save up and do some special things to it. What car do u own? I'm from Stevenage, Hertfordshire. is there any local meets near me that anyone can recommend. Cheers Dazza.
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Dazzaaa11 :)

    1. Dazzaaa11


      Hi, thankyou, sorry only just seen your message. I've not come on for a long time. trying to get used to it.