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  1. Kuytd

    Anybody Here?

    Hi. I'm in Norwich. I only have a basic old mans Mondy though. I used to do the club scene years ago when I was in TOC (Toyota owners club), I had the old man car then too :) I remember my little Carina E being parked in the row alongside Supra turbos and Celica GT4's, felt like a right muppet! How old are you gents, I'm 32...
  2. Right I see, easy as that! It makes sense to have a dedicated cable with a block connector. Thanks Stoney...
  3. Hey! I have a 54 plate Mondy, now getting very tired of swapping CDs and missing all my MP3s. I want to stick a simple line in cable (L and R audio to 3.5mm jack) into the back of the head unit so I can connect my phone or iPad. I'm not worried about the steering wheel control though. Has anyone got a imple how to? I've heard it's possible, but I seem to remember there is more to it than popping the head unit out and plugging in the cable. Ta :)
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Kuytd :)