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  1. I'm guessing around the £150-£170 mark for the parts...obviously they won't pay that so it's worth asking him exactly how much before you commit
  2. Mine came painted from the factory. I work in the motor trade and it only costs us about £25 to have a mirror sprayed so shouldn't be too costly if you do need it painted. Have you called your local ford dealer to see? I believe they do supply all the colours from factory so would be worth calling to ask
  3. Mine wasn't power fold and I paid £130 for the whole unit from ford. Me and my partner fitted it. As long as you are able to take the door card off then its pretty easy to be honest. Ford wanted £50 to fit and it only took us about 20 min free of charge :)
  4. Fiesta Metal

    Mines dead cheap aswell! Cheaper than my old 2005 Zetec s :)
  5. Old red square cars Loz...don't forget old lol
  6. I like that idea Dan, iv already been told to go and do that! We'll see what happens! ;)
  7. They have a white scuff and crack!! And it's an old red mk4 polo! Which is red and square (how I described the car on the night lol)
  8. Those with indicator issues put ya hand up

    I have a 2012 (62) fiesta metal. I thought I had indicator issues so asked ford to give it a check as they seemed to be clicking off or not clicking off at all in the wrong places! Ford told me it was all fine so I just learnt to ignore but now reading this I may have been right all along!!
  9. Yay I got a new mirror finally...after a week of back order! Also I may have found the suspect car that did the damage!!! Xx
  10. Suspension Clunking On My New Metal

    Got mine in October and it clunked for the first time over speed bumps last week! First thing I thought about was this post! I just go very slow over them now and see how it goes
  11. Fiesta Metal

    I got my white fiesta metal in October and I LOVE it! Drives amazing and very comfortable :) fuel consumption is good...I get about 350 miles to a tank which costs around £50. The gadgets are great, also a good onward selling point. The only thing I will say and agree with the ppl on here is.....it gets so dirty lol. I clean mine every Sunday...and by Monday it's dirty again! Although I wouldn't change the colour as I think White comes up the best when clean especially against the black wheels! I love my little metal and I'm sure you will too :) Xx
  12. UPDATE; Ordered the part from Ford. Got it at trade price so not too bad but on back order so will be driving to London without a drivers side mirror...bum lol
  13. What Private Regi To Get?

    I know pain in the bum and just found out the mirror is on back order so she will have to look deformed for a while :( Is there anything like L11AMM