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  1. New Tyres Wanted - and you're help

    £150 fitted per corner...pricey! I'm always a bit dubious of a summer tyre all year round. A pal has had both the Pilot 4's and the AS3's on his MK2 ST and doesn't rate them for grip in heavy rain and/or cold weather. I'm about to get two new front tyres on my MK3 Focus 1.0 and they are currently Michelin Radial X's (whatever they are!) I had Uniroyal Rainsport 3's on my old Focus and they were great in the weather we have in the UK. For the few months of dry weather i'll take the hit for the piece of mind for the rest of the ***** weather we have! I use www.camskill.co.uk to buy tyres and get them fitted at my local Formula1Autocentre. I have used BlackCircles before if the deal is good.
  2. Are Modern cars really that fast?

    Oh agreed, it's an abortion of a car looks wise!
  3. Sudden Drop in MPG

    My old MK2 TDCI 1.8 Sport did about 50MPG. My new MK3 1.0 EcoBoost Petrol does 50MPG My Superchips/BlueFin upgrade makes the 1.0 do 40MPG. Obviously its all how you drive and what sort of roads. Plenty of people rave about high MPG but their journey consists of sitting at 70mph for an hour! I have a mix on my 30mile journey to work of 30-60mph speed limits, round a bouts, traffic lights, uphill/downhill etc so not able to get much of a constant speed to increase MPG.
  4. Dash cam advice!

    I have THIS ONE aswell as the MOUNT Works excellently and i've used the footage in an insurance claim already. I hard wired it into passenger footwell fuse box so only turns on with ignition. Footage during the day and night is superb.
  5. Are Modern cars really that fast?

    My uncles Nissan Almera Tino Automatic is quicker off the line than most cars and that's about 13 years old!
  6. Sudden Drop in MPG

    I stopped buying Supermarket grade fuel years ago after a pal showed me the inside of a petrol and diesel fuel filter after a year of use. Some people may think i'm wrong but it's only what i've been told, read and seen with my own eyes. Supermarket fuel is a lesser grade. Legal yes but not filtered as much as BP, ESSO and Shell. I did have issues with my old TDCI which had a gunked up filter in the fuel tank as well as a worn diesel pump too.
  7. Brake Pads Question

    Mintex 1154's on mine.
  8. mk3 Focus Ecoboost 1.0 125 Mods advice request

    I've got a BlueFin and although i am impressed with the 3rd gear pull for overtaking when needed i'm not as happy as i thought i'd be. Especially as it claims to improve mpg but even when driving normally i only get 40mpg to a tank whereas i was getting 50mpg. I wanted a rear engine mount but Mountune state it's only fr the 1.6 EcoBoost and not the 1.0 EcoBoost which is a tad annoying. I still get a bit of suspension engine vibration when pulling away quickly. New Eibach springs are ordered too which i hope will aid handling as well as stance. Has anyone done any other mods to their 1.0 EcoBoost Focus?
  9. Disc & Pad Upgrade

    I own a Ford Focus Mk3.5 1.0 EcoBoost (125) and was wondering if there are any upgrade to better discs and pads or just replacing my current ones. Had a couple of instances after a spirited drive of brake fade/noise. Had a search on here but only found Mk2 info. Anyone got preferences to brands? EBC? Brembo? Mintex? Pagid? This http://www.pumaspeed.co.uk/product-Zero-Sixty-260mm-Performance-Grooved-Discs_16793.jsp & This http://www.pumaspeed.co.uk/product-Mintex-M1144-Focus-EcoBoost-Front-Pads_16794.jsp ALSO this website http://www.mtecbrakes.com/brake-discs/ford/focus-mk-iii-11-15/focus-1-0-ecoboost-125bhp-02-12-05-15.html Found on a quick Google search.
  10. Software

    How yo doin'?
  11. New Ford owner

    Just a word of warning. Remember that wheels cannot pretrude out past the wheel arches by law. So if you do get spacers make sure it's all legal. Only takes a jobsworth to pull you up on it and make you change it back. I'm surprised your car didn't come with the super sporty suspension as standard.
  12. When you say 'loose' do you mean the aux port on your car? Where is it located? Can you get behind it to see if something is broken/not connected correctly?
  13. Software

    Evans Halshaw Ford updated my Focus software when it went in for an O2 Sensor replacement. You could always chat up the Ford grease monkey's!
  14. Can You Guess Where I Am?

    He's 74...AND a Sir
  15. Legality of rear light tints

    Sneak up on said kill joy, tap on shoulder, place foot one inch past his family jewels, walk off. The End.
  16. Things I Don't Like

    Cleaning your car for a couple of hours and getting that lovely shine all over then relaising there's more dents, scrapes and chips than you thought...AND THEN seeing it's clearly had the front nearside bumper re-sprayed...BADLY!
  17. Things I Don't Like

    Nope. They detect MoT also. I was pulled when i drove my Puma track car as i'd forgotten to renew my MoT as thought it was a month late than it was.
  18. Upholstery cleaning

    Well i have rented and taken back the rug doctor and i'm massively impressed! £22.99 for 24hrs and i did my house and car in that time! Bought the carpet detergent and already had an upholstery cleaner spray. Car seats have come up looking brand new and my house carpets are looking fresh! If you haven't tried this yet then do so! Cheap, easy with great results!
  19. Retrofit auto lights on a 2015 Ford Focus

    I'm struggling to find anywhere that has a titanium wiring loom :( Do Ford sell the whole thing? Probably a silly amount of money though. I have all the other items ready to go.
  20. Air filter

    Photos please :)
  21. mk3 Focus Ecoboost 1.0 125 Mods advice request

    Sill protectors will protect the sill from scuffs and damage. The illuminated gear knob is from a titanium. The LED bulbs work better than the standard ford ones.
  22. Info needed on MPG

    I have used it from day one it appeared on the itunes :D Great app. I even input all other service parts/intervals etc. Have done for my past 4 cars :D
  23. mk3 Focus Ecoboost 1.0 125 Mods advice request

    I hear that! You may also want to get sill protectors too, illuminated gear knob and led's bulbs as and where you can too.
  24. Woman on phone runs red light

    A copper would have tugged her but it'd be a 50/50 in court. A pal's missus works at the local magistrates and see's them all day everyday. Totally agree she's in the wrong on both counts. People like that crash and put our insurance premiums up! But we must remember women are better drivers!
  25. mk3 Focus Ecoboost 1.0 125 Mods advice request

    Same here. I went for the 1.0 EcoBoost as a proper grown up car and now i see mod's left right and center!