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  1. 2013 Focus Or 2013 Mondeo

    the mondeo would definately age better
  2. So Angry With Peoples Ford

    Yes its disgraceful but from a legal point of view not much you can do. Shame it isn't local. I'd be outside there every Saturday handing out leaflets to everyone that was walking in they would soon change mind
  3. So Angry With Peoples Ford

    That is bang out of order but the problem you will face with trading standards is the fact that you have accepted the car. Had it come to light months down the line that the car had a new engine that they knew about and failed to mention then again you may have case .Had you have paid a deposit(or even amount in full and backed out due to mileage and they tried to keep your deposit/ full balance then you would have a case as its not as described. At the end of the day you have turned up and the item you have paid for is not as described. At the point you turn up and realise mileage is wrong you try to get the price down or walk away, once you give them the money you have accepted the car. Im not saying its right but thats the facts. An advert is an advert until money and signatures exchange. If you went to sell your house and rather than put £180,000 on the advert you put £18,000 and someone turns up to buy it. would you sell it, no you would apologise and say sorry wrong amount if you want it its £180k. With a garage of that size though i would expect them to throw in a free service or something like that.
  4. i blew a head gasket once a rover 218vvc. to skim and ploish head and fit new triple layer gasket cost me £300 including labour. £2.5k sounds high
  5. 2013 Focus Or 2013 Mondeo

    i would defo go for the mondeo. alot more comfort. to be fair in 8 years they will probably have at least 1 if not 2 newer shap focus'. I wouldnt have thought shape will make that much difference, they will drop it now to shift them so if you get the saving now your ok. the big saving has already been had before you made the purchase, where you would get caught out would be had you paid full price and then in September when the new one came out tried to sell it Also to be fair people that are buying 8 year old mondeo/focus are not really going to be interested in shape. may be a couple of hundred difference if that
  6. the way ive looked at it, is all cars mpg's are tested in ideal conditions(perfect temparature steady throttle no wind etc) so it doesnt matter whether its ford skida renault audi all of them are going to be unachievable by roughly the same amount. i have always looked at mpg and took 10% off as thats a fair rough gage. if it was only audi testing in deal conditions then it would be an unfair advantage but they all do it
  7. I had the 1.6 before and got 37 but this is so much quicker and better on fuel. Yeah tests are ideal conditions but you should be able to get within 10% of figures
  8. I havent driven the diesel but this car dont strain. Will sit at 105 happily. Also believe me whem i say it loves to be revved and its fast. Alot quicker than my old ficus 1.6. I change cars yearly so cant comment on engine life etc. I was not happy with the mpg to start but now its doing 40s its fine. You would never know its a 1 litre by driving it. My advice would be get the 125 bhp engine as the 105 one i feel Is a bit underpowered. Artscot the reason people care about mpg Is the cost of petrol. I could afford an st but where i do lots of Miles id be putting in £70 a week. As for honest Johns figures that must have been a New car. I would immagine town driving would be 36mpg in my car. Im in between 38 and 40 all the time now. When i got it it was 33
  9. as said above. not in persentage terms. i would expect 70+% from new engine then getting up to 85% when run in 95% if you try your hardest
  10. i had a 60 plate fiesta econetic. when i got it it was doing 60 mpg, when it was run in i was doing 70 and if i tried i got 80mpg. ive had so many new cars that im used to it improving but it isnt usually that far off to start with 33mpg from published figures of 56 is a big jump
  11. yes should get another 1 maybe 2mpg more. im just happy that im finally getting decent mpg. old car was 37.5mpg so as long as it matched that im happy.
  12. as i said i didnt buy this car for economy i basically got a higher spec and new car for less money but i was worried about he mpg as 33 is terrible. im happy with 40mpg. anything above is a bonus.
  13. A while ago i got a 2013 Focus Zetec S 1.0 125 and was in complete horror at the fact the dial was reading 33mpg average. I tried every possible way to get the mpg up but even driving for an hour at night on a motorway could only achieve 35. Well after 1600 miles i have finally seen 40mpg. Since 2006 Ive had 6 brand new cars(one being a mini and the other 5 fords from a fiesta ST500 to a fiesta econetic) and I know they have to be run in but I have never exoerienced a car so far off its published mpg(56.5 mpg). Anyway probably by 4/5000 miles it will be up towards mid 40's but just a bit of info for anyone getting one of these cars dont panic, it will get better
  14. Bye Bye Fiesta Hello Focus

    i would imagine they are put under quite alot of stress so wouldnt like to be owning one at 75k on the clock or upwards. i generally change car every 20k anyway but i think there may be afew problems starting to arise in 5 years or so
  15. Bye Bye Fiesta Hello Focus

    the 1.0 125 pulls very well in all gears and is fine on the motorway, plenty of boost to overtake and drives like a much bigger engine car. if you didnt know what engine was in it most people would say 1.6/1.8 as it really does drive like them.. i had the previous 1.6 125 model and this one feels alot quicker. one thing i will say is dont panic when you get it and you see the mpg being low to mid 30's as Im pretty sure its wrong as the old focus did more mpg but less miles even though the both cos the same to fill up