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  1. 2002 Tdci Won't Start.

    Ok so ford technician had a look at it and tells me it the fuel injection pump. Not enough pressure at the rail. Been quoted 400 for the part. Anyone suggest of it's worth it?
  2. 2002 Tdci Won't Start.

    No it's not staying on or going nuts. Will b working on it all weekend but if anyone has any other info would b greatly appreciated.
  3. 2002 Tdci Won't Start.

    When battery first connected it was flashing quickly. But obviously now it does as it would normally.
  4. 2002 Tdci Won't Start.

    Have taken full kick plate off footwell. No sign is any fuel cut off. Really is starting to rip my knitten. Could have to bite the bullet an ask ford.....
  5. 2002 Tdci Won't Start.

    That's my next point of call. As I said took the fuel pipe off from the filter to the rail and there was no diesel coming through. But even with attaching a funnel and pouring diesel directly to fuel tail still no life.
  6. 2002 Tdci Won't Start.

    Have had the car connected to a brand new battery and still nothing. Just turns over doesn't burst into life.
  7. Scottish Member

    Ah rite cool mate.
  8. Scottish Member

    Wee town near East Kilbride.
  9. Howdy everyone. New member from outside Glasgow. Currently have a 2001 fiesta zetec s and a project 2002 mondeo zetec s tdci. So expect plenty questions in the mondeo section hahahahaha.
  10. 2002 Tdci Won't Start.

    Nope doesn't start at all. But yeah it does click.
  11. 2002 Tdci Won't Start.

    No sign of any fuel cut off switch I'm passenger foot well, unless it's anywhere else?!?
  12. 2002 Tdci Won't Start.

    It's a new battery that's now on the car so shouldn't be the battery. As for the scanner that could be the problem however it's a snap on one which u have to identify the car you are diagnosing. But the EML is not on now.
  13. Hello all looking for help. I have acquired a 2002 zetec a tdci with 99k on the clock. It's a Non runner. Problem is it won't start. New battery and will turn over but won't kick into life. Have detached fuel pipes from filter to the engine, no fuel getting to engine but is being returned. Even bypassing this an pouring straight from a funnel to ensure diesel is gettin to engine still nothing. Snap on diagnostic computer finds no faults. Although sometimes when turning ignition in dials sweep up then down. Engine management light stays on. No figures on dash board just dashes. Anyone give me a step for a hint?
  14. Welcome to the Ford forums R3eon :)