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  1. @sramdeen82 why is the poor iMac on the carpet !

  2. Went #cycling then quit 1 mike in. #snowsucks

  3. Brake Fluid Gone On New(Ish) Focus

    That is interesting that you say that because I do find it hard to pull away sometimes and have smelt a bad burning smell coming from the engine area on occasion. I did mention this once but the guy on the phone did not seem concerned.
  4. Brake Fluid Gone On New(Ish) Focus

    Hi Alex Thanks for the reply. That is exactly my problem though. It is not "topping up" is it. Hah the dog... this forum pulls it from your Twitter profile. Anyway it wasn't what I was expecting from a very new motor.
  5. Hi all please advise! In May 2012 I purchased a 2011 Ford Focus 1.6 Diesel. It is the older shape Focus. Anyway I usually check the brake fluid levels when I purchase a car but I don't think I did on this occasion, after all I was buying from a well known Ford dealer. Anyway about 3 weeks ago I noticed that the brake fluid was very low (Just under the min line). So I took it into the dealership and I agreed for them to check for leaks and change the fluid. This cost me over £50.00 and after having the car for less than 8 months I am not very impressed. I am now having a debate with them that the brake fluid should not go down that much if A. There wasn't enough brake fluid in there in the first place or B. It had leaked somewhere. They told me they found no leaks but it is perfectly normal for brake fluid to go down that much with wear. I am not happy with their statement as the brake pads have plenty of life left on them. The car has done about 12,000 miles since I purchased it. Please advise! Many thanks. Fakesy.
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Fakesy :)

  7. Wish I knew the position I finished in the Dell F1 sim challenge at #Bett