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  1. Okay, went into my local Fordparts dealer... apparently there are 2 honey comb grilles for the mk7.5. one costs £60 and the other £150... The only difference he could see is the £150 has a chrome surround... the 150 is the "sports" version ? What I need to know is, how can I get the part number of my grille so I know which one I need to buy (I have the chrome bars, like the aston martin style, but wanting to go to the zetec grille)
  2. Hi, I got an Omex Rev limiter and was wiring it up - first does anyone know - My fiesta is definately a Single coil? I have the single coil launch control rev limiter. I need to know which wire I connect the blue wire to and which the red connects to - there are 3 wires going into the coil. Thirdly; After attempting to install it without asking for help - My speedo gauge and fuel and revs aren't moving. They were moving when I had it all connected, but I cut the Omex wires off to disconnect it all and my subwoofer isn't working either now - any ideas? fourth: during my attempt of installation - When testing it, I put my foot to the floor, and the car was in like limp mode (revs went up really slowly) and you could smell the petrol as though it was over-fueling with the omex attached. It was also quite jittery. any clues? wires wrong way around maybe?
  3. Short Lived Drive Home!

    Lucky you! I'd still report the pot hole to the council then wait 24 hours and if it's not fixed, you can then claim. Over-exaggerate the problem get a few $ outta them Burst tyre, buckled alloy, Alignment out of track atleast £2-400
  4. I'm wondering what would be the BEST induction kit to buy for my fiesta. Not really looking for performace gains (It's a 1.25 not a 2litre turbo lol) more for better sound and looks. Also wondering what sort of piping would be best to buy? I'm looking to change my pipes to red K&N said this air filter: http://www.knfilters.co.uk/search/product.aspx?Prod=33-2955 for my car just wondering if there would be any better.
  5. Heating Controller Broken?

    Alrighty people. My heating controller (for where I want the air to come out) isn't working. for a while it was jamming when It got to the Face setting and you had to force it around now it's stuck on just face and I can't change where the air is coming from. The dial still moves but doesn't go all the way to either side - it bounces back a bit. any idea what has happened / how to fix it???
  6. Is it possible to upgrade the headunit in the fiesta? I have the style but would quite like ATLEAST the zetec headunit (for bluetooth, and ford sync so I can partner my phone into my car a bit better) Currently the style has... nothing it plays music and can play the radio or cds But upgrading would also mean chaning the buttons too I would imagine. also is there a way to get the bit that tells you how many miles and how many trip miles you have done - to tell you how many mpg you are getting and how long to refuel? zetec has it, style doesn't not sure how hard it would be to change it?
  7. Plasti Dip

    I got my roof done with plasti dip. The only downsides are; In heat it feels rubbery Bugs stick to it! it scratches easily (but not your paint work, just the dip!) A bird pooped on my roof, and I tried to remove it using water and a cloth... that's how I got the scratches. You're not supposed to use power washers - but I found that's the best way to clean them. It's the cheapest option, a full car costing from £250 - 500 whereas vinyl can be 700 - 1.5k and paint can be upwards of 1.5k a real good paint job is obviously the BEST option but expensive. the plastidip - apparently is easier and leaves less residue than vinyl - which can tear off the paint too.
  8. Iphone Jack / Usb

    http://www.amazon.co.uk/Kingsmart-Cigarette-Lighter-Adapter-Players/dp/B000CC6I5W/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1375442093&sr=8-2&keywords=cigarette+lighter+usb that might work?
  9. Subwoofer Playing Up

    My sub has been fine (had it since feburary / march) but yesterday, I locked my car and as I walked into my house, I heard a loud rumble... turns out when I locked my car then about 20 seconds later - the sub was rumbling. I also noticed when the hazards blink twice, the sub also bumps in sync with the hazard lights. and gives a constant droning bummmmmmmmmmmmmmm sound while driving every so often popping. This si without the radio on what-so-ever. here is 2 videos: that's the rumble and the hazards thats the constant bump sound - without the radio on. any idea what could be happening?
  10. Alloy Wheel Colour Change?

    If you plan on handing it back... I'd probably stay away - or just get them plasti dipped that way you can peel it off (like vinyl wrapping) after you're done and handing it back.
  11. ! Guide ! Installing A Sub Box To Mk7

    I control mines from the dash radio. In the sound menu you can change the bass from -7 to +7 As well as "middle" and "treble"
  12. Radio Controls Not Working

    My radio controls have stopped working. The ok, and directional buttons don't work any more. anyone know how to fix this?
  13. Radio Controls Not Working

    I tried updating the firmware but nothing happened... even when following the instructions - maybe cause I don't have bluetooth?
  14. Radio Controls Not Working

    Any other suggestions before disconnecting electronics (not wanting to incase it ends up causing more problems by resetting other stuff etc...) Was working perfect until a few days ago. Had my iphone plugged in and brother went to select a song, then it stopped working. The keys still "work" like if you press one of the buttons, it shows the menu it should show, but when you try to navigate on the menu after that, nothing moves. I'll make a video of it and post up later, Worst comes to worst, I'll try the battery. got told to take it to the ford garage as it's under warranty, and that touching it would void warranty.. I have a sub woofer installed (and high level adapter) So assume he had to remove it to get into it (but has been working fine after that was installed too)
  15. Colour Help For A Newbie

    Awesome! I have racing red, style. Love it! Dunno if I'd prefer the white though. White shows more dirt, so as said, if it's clean, it shows you look after the car :) My work has light poles... and serves food... So I pretty much clean my car on a daily basis. (Seagulls / bird droppings...) Not to mention, wheel spray on the arches, and dust kicking up in the air (I have limo tints, so shows all dust on it) So I think I'd cope with the white lol. But the red is nice too, but theres abotu 4 of them where I live! But mines is the only one with a black roof and dmb badge and a kicking sound system :P
  16. ! Guide ! Installing A Sub Box To Mk7

    Ryan - there is a "hose" (contains wires) under the hood that goes into the body. The guys at audio wise just poked a hole through it and fed the wire into the hose. on the same side as the window washer fluid.
  17. ! Guide ! Installing A Sub Box To Mk7

    I got my sub installed by Audiowise in eastkilbride. They took the door panels off (or the trim atleast) and then the wires go UNDER the passanger seats, so totally not visible anywhere in the car, except in the boot where they connect to the sub and amp. cost me £220 to get fitted (quoted 120 but cause it was the first mk7.5 they ever done it took them a few hours more to do it) That's including 4-gauge cables and a high level adapter so I could keep my original stereo and upgrade my sub to a more powerful one in the future. so pretty good price.
  18. Okay, need some help: I use my iphone to play music. I connect it using the USB port on my centre console, it normally works fine... I got spotify premium to play music without having to HAVE it. The problem is: When I plug the phone in, the music from spotify doesn't play (or plays like a beat then stops) The only way I found to fix this is to pull the phone out, stop the song, plug it back in, play the song for 5 seconds then turn my radio to play from my phone, but after that song finishes, it happens again... Anyone know how to get it working constantly without cutting out? Or if it's an error on spotifys side ((works perfect when not plugged into the car)) or the iphone, or fiesta?
  19. Help: Spotify, Iphone And Ford Fiesta

    do you need bluetooth too? I don't think mines had bluetooth.
  20. Some Pics Of My Nice New Zetec S

    Here is mines with the red DMB as you can see, it's a bit off the correct red tone but blends well, but the big chrome O stands out too much =[
  21. Some Pics Of My Nice New Zetec S

    I'll take a photo of mines with the red/chrome DMB (the red is more towards orange on the new red colour though, but still blends in enough) The main downside is the big chrome ring, with the red badge looks like a massive O on the front since the badge blends so much. cheaper than de-badging though.. Car is away atm but once I get it back...
  22. I just had a short brain storm... What if I used my old iphone as a security device for my car? I heard there is a secret "compartment" under the radio in the fiestas, which it could sit in, and just leave it plugged in constantly to a usb connected to the back of the usb port (on the centre dock) You could use the phones GPS to track the car (Find my iphone on icloud) and if you can, get an app that remotely takes photos via gps / 3G I'm seriously considering it, cheaper than buying a tracking device and paying the monthly subscriptions, surely?
  23. Some Pics Of My Nice New Zetec S

    Love the honeycomb grill, been thinking of changing mines to that (I have the chrome bar one) All you need now is red ford badges, makes the car look more blended in and much meaner!
  24. Does anyone know where I can get a touch up pen that matches my car colour (can't find the colour code) Running the mk7.5 "Racing red" fiesta the touchup pen I've got is much lighter and looks pink in contrast. thanks in advance, + props if I can get an online retailer.