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  1. Footwell Lights

    Hey Guys, just found this forum after I picked up a 2010 Mk2.5 Focus. Love the car, think it's awesome and now looking to do a few mods. The first one that interests me is the Footwell lights. I've looked over Lenny's guide and I think I understand what I'm aiming for. I checked my car and I have no bulb holders so it looks like I need to buy them and wire them into the courtesy light. This where I get a bit stuck. How do I "splice" them in to the courtesy light? Sorry if this question has been asked a thousand times. I assume I would need to build some sort of loom that runs wires from both of the bulbs up to the courtesy light. This loom would then need some connector blocs to attach to the original loom that used to attach straight into the courtesy light and then my homemade loom goes on to the courtesy light? Am I anywhere close? What type of connector blocs would I need? Thanks for your help.
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums D_Mav :)