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  1. My Mk2 2.0 Petrol has gone from not using any oil, to using loads. I have no smoke and no visible leaks, and it seems to run fine, I haven't a clue where the oil is going, but the PCV hose and valve problem sounds interesting, but I have no idea what this is, or where it is on my 2.0. does anyone have any info I could use to follow up on this please? Cheers. Phil.
  2. I have fitted a mk 2.5 spoiler to my mk 2 and I can confirm the brake light on the standard (non st type) spoiler is identical on both models. The main part of the spoiler body is also identical, all they did with the mk 2.5 was to add the little extra wings on the ends, and make it colour coded. Phil.
  3. sorry if I've missed this, but what year and mk is the Focus you are breaking?
  4. Go to and type in the details of the car you are interested in, and you can view the build spec for that specific car.
  5. Prise the outer rim of the lighter grey fascia, I have found that if you have strong fingers, you can just pull the fascia away, without the risk of marking anything by prising with tools. the place to pull with your fingers is at the bottom of the fascia, where it meets the similar coloured area with the heater controlls in it. The gap where the trim meets, is just enough to get a grip with your fingers.
  6. Hi, Has anyone fitted mk2.5 door mirrors on a mk2? My mk2 Ghia already has indicators in the mirrors, so is there any chance it would be a "plug and play" swap? Phil.
  7. surely hunting is the correct term to use?
  8. As long as the Radio on Ebay is from a Focus, then it will be an identical fit, and all you would need to do is add a DAB aerial. If you already have Bluetooth, then it will work fine with the new radio.
  9. I swapped mine for the silver one, and now it looks and feels miles better. To remove the old one I carefully drilled a series if holes along the top of the handbrake cover (don't go too deep) and then it was easy to run a Stanley knife along the top to join the drill holes. I tried just cutting it, but the plastic is quite thick, and it's very hard work without drilling it first. I must admit, I did not think of tapping it off. I wish I had, as then I might have been able to put the old one back on when I sell the car.
  10. I then decided to replace footwear lights with led ones I'd taken out. First one came out and was a bit warm. Second was quite a bit hotter and before I knew it my fingers felt like they were melting. Ouch. More swearing. So I had to put gloves on and finally got them replaced. Now all look a lot better and I'm not greatly injured. Wow, lights in your footwear, I am impressed. trainers or boots? :D
  11. can I resist
  12. I just came across this website I expect everyone on this forum already knows about it, but I have posted a link just in case someone has not yet seen it. Very useful for parts identification Phil..
  13. I would say it is the vehicle speed sensor that is the problem, it is mounted on the gearbox somewhere, and I think that if it is faulty, it would produce the problems that you seem to have. Phil.