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  1. I'm just wondering if the mk5 brake calipers etc bolt straight on to the mk4 set-up? I've got Mk4 vented discs and I'm looking at mk5 vented calipers/carriers? Long story but the mk4 calipers bleed nipple snapped and can't be drilled/removed...
  2. Ford Fiesta Mk4 Brake Upgrade

    That's them as standard.. Where the caliper bolts go through on the old ones ,they don't on the new discs as they push the cAliper further Away from the bolt holes? I just thought the hub carriers would of been the same size? My only silver lining is that they sent me the wrong discs and the standard vented ones are a fraction smaller. Cheers in advance
  3. Ford Fiesta Mk4 Brake Upgrade

    Well I'm at the point of throwing the towel in now..I've got the right pads..but it seems (unless I'm wrong) the disc is too big length wise..depth it fine. The hub cArriers etc seem fine and would line up if the discs diameter was fractionally smaller.. Any ideas folks?
  4. Ford Fiesta Mk4 Brake Upgrade

    ....Well ive set about fitting the parts ive got and stripped down my old parts..the disc fits well and if im right so do the carriers etc.. my issue is that the (vented) pads ive bought dont fit my calipers , ive been to halfords and bought the HBP406 pads..which again dont fit unsure which ones i need..they just need a few more mm of clearance but whats annoying is the old ones that were in the vented calipers fit like a glove.. is it a case of taking these to halfords and looking for the same styled ones? P.S. i work at halfords so thought easiest option unless theres some other companies like CES that would have a better knowledge/idea for me? Thanks in advance as usual :)
  5. Ford Fiesta Mk4 Brakes

    Yeah that's the school boy error I found as I went to fit the vented on solids lol I'm just one for wanting it all present then do the task.. Well seems do able then? Not a boy racer mod by the way was only a couple pound extra so thought no harm lol Shall attempt it on my next day off :)
  6. Ford Fiesta Mk4 Brakes

    Sadly I have no idea on either.... But that was my thoughts of it all being similar across the range due to production costs etc...the fiesta I cut them off looked the same set up as mine (hub wise etc) they've had an advisery so was keen to fit them soon :/
  7. Ford Fiesta Mk4 Brakes

    Im afraid that's an unknown lol unless anyone else knows that on here? I'd strongly assume they would be? I had doubts I'd need something to do with hubs? Also will they fit on standard steel rims? Sorry for the 20 questions...
  8. Ford Fiesta Mk4 Brakes

    Hi there, Basically I'm wondering if anyone could advise me..I'm wondering what's needed to change the solid discs to vented ones. So far I've got new vented discs,pads and the calipers/carriers... Is there anything else I need? Cheers in advance :)
  9. Hi guys/ladies I've had the parts there for a while now but basically I'm wondering if I've got this right... I've got the standard solid discs upfront , so I've purchased vented discs ,pads and calipers/carrier ...is this all I need to update them from standard solid discs? Or should I give up now lol...cheers in advance :)
  10. Just Saying Hello...

    Unsure this is the right section to do so but if I'm after brake information is it a case of trawling with the search option?
  11. Just Saying Hello...

    Cheers for the welcome :)
  12. Just Saying Hello...

    Well first of all I'm new to this whole forum stuff so no doubt I'll make some mistakes , I'm andy from wales ,I'm 25, I drive a mk4 ford fiesta 1.3i with 83,000 on it , 2nd engine (someone killed the previous one?) shell had about 60,000, no modifications due to pointlessness of it but she does have a panel k&n only due to getting it for £8 :) Has a sub in the boot I'll admit but only for better sound..none of this hardcore German slightly tranced 2,000bpm at full wack. That's kinda all I have to say (if this is right) and I hope to take advice and where possible apply any knowledge I have. Cheers
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums Andy_fezz :)